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Stillwater Composite starts Fundraiser.

Starting immediately, all members of squadron are encouraged to contact their friends and family to get their help on our goal to sell all of our tickets. We are only selling 300 tickets to keep the odds of winning to 1 in 300 for our awesome prize, of a round trip flight from Stillwater Regional Airport to Ponca City Airport, where the winner and their guest will have a complimentary dinner for 2! We think this is an awesome chance to share our love of flight as well as fund some much needed Squadron items, like new color-guard equipment and scholarships for encampment and NCSAs for squadron members, as well as fun field trips. Tickets are only $20 a piece and while squadron members can not win their families friends and associates can. Spread the word, time is short the drawing will be held February 12 2019- just in time for Valentines Day!

Squadron Patch Approved

New Squadron Patch was finally approved, and is now in production. Keep your eyes open for its arrival. If you would like more than 1 it will cost you $1 each. The first one is free! be sure to check the uniform regulation 39-1 for proper wear.

Cadet Commander Corner- C/Capt Branch

Here you will find some of my thoughts for the Squadron and hopefully some inspiration and wisdom.

Future of the squadron.

My vision of the squadron is to develop a two flight system. A flight to get new cadets taught the basic skills, and a more advanced flight, and eventually, have the executive detail (A flight for Officers) like the squadron used to have. I can not do this with out you, however, this vision I have will not come true unless you dig in, promote, recruit, and step up when the time comes. This squadron is in our hands and what we do with it is up to us. So all that being said, will you join me in striving for excellence?

A little wisdom.

"Sucess is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchhill

This quote is a good illustration that just because you fail sometimes does not mean that you yourself are a failure. When you fail, I challenge you to look at the good that came from it. What did you learn? What experience did you get? What are the good things that came from that failure? All a failure really is, is just a lesson. Not everything will be easy to bounce back from, I would know, I have failed more times than I can remember. But when you are trying to bounce back, remember that your attitude is a choice, and is a contagious disease. If you decide to have a bad attitude, it will spread. If you decide to have a good attitude, it will spread. So choose your attitude, and it will infect others. When you also are trying to bounce back, do not be afraid to ask for help. The strongest people I know ask for help. Also just remember that tomorrow is a new day, and a new opportunity full of hope and new paths to follow. You just have to stick with it and follow your heart, soul, and mind. This month, I challenge you to look to the bright side of things, in hard times and easy times, and when it is an easy time, go help someone else in a hard time. After all, "If you want to feel happy, do something for yourself. If you want to feel fullfilled, do something for someone else." -Simon Sinek

Final Thoughts.

As you come to the end of this message, I hope you reflect in your life and make it better for everyone. Everything we do, excellence in all we do, is not for us, but for others, just like in service before self, but before you have service before self, you must have Integrity first. Remember Airmen, Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win. Do well and take care.

With best regards,

C/Capt. Joshua S. Branch

Cadet Commander

O-rides take 5 Cadets to new heights.

Saturday, Jan 26th several of our cadets took flight some for the very first time. Also having a first, was 1Lt David 'Oz Osborne, who was flying his first CAP O-rides. Great job on changing your perspective guys, be sure to share your thoughts and feelings next time were together.

Who's ready to head back to encampment?

Encampment Staff Application Period Extended

Applications for positions outside of C/CC, C/CD, & C/CS are open until 15 FEB. Send your application (resume & Signed CAPForm 31) to OKWG.Encampment@gmail.com any further questions use your chain of command, or senior members.

Applications for first time Encampment cadets will be open soon, be sure to start gathering supplies, and apply for CEEP funds to make your first encampment affordable, and fun. For further information keep an eye on the Event Facebook page Oklahoma/Arkansas Wing Encampment Civil Air Patrol @okencampment

Commanders Corner- Excellence

  1. Hello again from your commander. Today I would like to talk to you about Excellence and what it means to us as Civil Air Patrol members. Excellence is how we should strive to do all things that we do. This means that we should put our best effort in to all that we do. This means that we must actually do all the work that is required to get something done and that it is completed to a level that nothing more could be done to make it better. I know that this sounds a lot like perfection but it is not. If I were lost and needed to be found I would hope that those that were searching for me had put their absolute best effort into their training so that they would have the skills to find me and assist me when I need them. This should not only apply to things you do in CAP but in everything you do in life.
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