Scott Markowitz a brief history

Once in a generation, a child is born with the unlimited potential for greatness. Possessing unrivaled strength and intelligence; destined to overcome all obstacles in their path. Such a child was born on a cold winter night in December during the year 1989. His birth at the end of the decade would herald the beginning of a new era.

In The Beginning...

Scott Markowitz was born and raised in Queens New York, in a small house towards the end of a circular street. At a young age, those around him began to realize this child stood apart from the rest. His aptitude for education knew no bounds. As he grew, he developed a unique understanding of how things work.

Moving Forward!

Possessing the ability to assess, comprehend, rationalize and deliberate on a wide assortment of topics, from the multitude of uses for yellow cheese powder to unraveling the perplexities of the universe. It has been said that an individual of such caliber is rare, possibly coming into existence only once in a millennium.

He has received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from the New York City College of Technology. Scott has been quoted saying: “I believe life is about taking chances and meeting new people, experiencing new things and having your perceptions altered.” He has truly lived up to this statement, proving time and again his ability to rise up to any occasion and overcome expectations.

The Magic Endures...

Go and see where design happens...


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