Alexander The Great By; SYdney Hannah

Alexander the iii was a very mighty and brave warrior. Known to live and battle and live throughout his life in Europe. He was born to man named Philip the ii July 20th 356 b.c. Alexander was a very smart and wise young man, DUring his youth he was taught by the great Aristotle himself.

Alexander didnt live the typical teenage life we do now a days. He was brought up to be a leader and a mighty warrior. He trained daily, and was taught by some of the smartest men known to man kind. At the age of 16 his father was assassinated in 336 b.c. That day. was the day Alexander the iii became the King of Greece.

Once Alexander became the king he already had ideas and plans of taking over other parts of Europe and eventually conquering the entire world. With the army that he had acquired with the kingdom it was very much capable so of doing. His army was top of the line and the men were brutal and extremely experienced warriors with no mercy.

Alexander wasnt the type of guy to sit back and let his men do all the work. He was fierce warrior himself and had no problem getting his hands dirty. Alexander led his Army through the victory and conquer of Persia. A long fought battle of over 10 years. He then invaded India in 326 b.c and eventually turned back because his troops were homesick and ready to rest. In all, they traveled a total of 11,000 miles on foot across Persia & India.

After the return of Alexander and his Army, No one is exactly sure but on the 10th or the 11th of June 326 b.c Alexander the Great had died form illness in his home, Babylon. He rained Ancient Greece for nearly 13 years and carried out his fathers legacy and character. His mindset was to take over the world and he tried his heart out doing so. He was one of the greatest warriors ever to live.


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