League of Nations - Woodrow wilson By cAMERON Easler and caleb duncan

The league of nations was an international organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, created after the First World War to provide a forum for resolving international disputes. Though first proposed by President Woodrow Wilson as part of his Fourteen Points plan for an equitable peace in Europe, the United States never became a member. Here is a tale fro that of which who was there for the opening of the League of Nations birth.

"...Do not think of this treaty of peace as merely a settlement with Germany. It is that. It is a very severe settlement with Germany, but there is not anything in it that she did not earn. Indeed, she earned more than she can ever be able to pay for, and the punishment exacted of her is not a punishment greater than she can bear, and it is absolutely necessary in order that no other nation may ever plot such a thing against humanity and civilization.

But the treaty is so much more than that. It is not merely a settlement with Germany; it is a readjustment of those great injustices which underlie the whole structure of European and Asiatic society. This is only the first of several treaties. They are all constructed upon the same plan. The Austrian treaty follows the same lines. The treaty with Hungary follows the same lines.

The treaty with Bulgaria follows the same lines. The treaty with Turkey, when it is formulated, will follow the same lines. What are those lines? They are based upon the purpose to see that every government dealt with in this great settlement is put in the hands of the people and taken out of the hands of coteries and of sovereigns who had no right to rule over the people..." he went on and on for so long. That Woodrow Wilson sure does know how to speak, how he talks in the way his voice impacts all of us as representatives is truly remarkable. Yet with what he talks of we are all dumb founded. No one wants Germany to rise again, we want them gone for good so this whole disaster won't happen again, I know those of which from Italy want the same thing after the mass attacks due to Mussolini's association with that of Adolf Hitler. That's why everyone here is on board with the Treaty of Versailles instead of the 14 points. We want Germany to crumble and fall to never get up again...

The purpose of the Treaty of Versailles, outside of establishing guidelines for continued peace, was to put strict treaty obligations on Germany in hopes of preventing further war and make the country pay reparations for the damages caused during the war.

...so when this all gets over with, we shall all get our request. But sadly the 14 points will not be signed even though its such a good idea for the world as we know it to unify and become one. It will be set up for less ability for war and even trade and exploration, if only the league of nations could support it. The whole purpose of the League of Nations was to accomplish several goals, including disarmament, negotiating to settle disputes between countries, improving global welfare, and using collective security and diplomacy to prevent war. The Paris Peace Conference spurred the creation of the League of Nations anyways. But we need to come together to not just punish Germany but teach them as a country of what was wrong with what they did. Sadly not everyone here can see it like that so we must continue forward and allow for the solemn punishment of Germany.


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