Caryn Leschen I just want to TELL STORIES, Teach, and tRavel. OK? and crochet.

Caryn Leschen is a graduate of CCA and has been a professional illustrator, copywriter, graphic designer and cartoonist for over 20 years. She is widely known for her work in the ground-breaking comix anthologies Wimmen's Comix and Twisted Sisters. Since then, she's designed a range of websites, presentations and publications, and written acres of quirky copy and comedy for web, TV, and print. In the '90s, she created Ask Aunt Violet, an advice comic featured in alternative weeklies throughout the US and Canada, including the SF Weekly, Chicago Reader, Ottawa XPress, Madison Isthmus, and Creative Loafing. As a professor of Computer Science at USF, she teaches Adobe Animate and Illustrator, Apple Keynote and Pages, MS Word, and has established a unique workshop in Drawing on the iPad. If you want to actually laugh out loud right now, visit her neglected blogs, Rant Violet and Aunt Violet's Museum of Old Bags.

Let's begin with some illustrations, shall we?

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Here are some Ask Aunt Violets for your enjoyment. This one is called, "Let's Go Home."
"Husband Helper."
This one is about proper "Parking Etiquette."

Now let's look at some branding (logos) and other graphic design work.

This was for a small charter airline. I did their website too.
Website splash page for Air Charter Masters.
Some logos I designed.
Jantaa was fun because they needed a number of information graphics.
An information graphic.
This is a label for my own line of button jewelry, designed to coordinate with the color and style of various arrondissements, and named for their Paris Metro stations.
My earrings made from vintage buttons.
Sacred. Healing. Arts.
These delicious cookies have espresso in them. Stivaletti is the Italian name for the "boot" of the map of Italy; these cookies are in the shape of Italy.
This is the top of one of four Stivaletti Cookie tons I designed.
Packaging for Stivaletti Biscotti
IVitals was a very robust health care app, commissioned by a cardiologist from Chicago, Dr. Thomas Hinkamp. I did all the art, icons, buttons, and copywriting. The code was written by a partner, Jean Tantra, at
I guess I became kind of an expert at designing medical mobile apps. This one, for monitoring blood sugar and keeping track of diabetes, was conceived and written by another partner, Monica Nudurumati, in Texas, and I had loads of fun designing it and making the art for her.
This is the splash screen for the first app Monica and I worked on together, for taking care of people with asthma.
One of my favorite postcards, for a guest house in Honduras.
I have done a lot of graphics for realtors. I made promotional graphics for my creative realtor client, Lynne Brei, for over 15 years.
Stina Pope is a health care consultant and a minister.
Website for Stina Pope.
If you need one, Google David S. Wright! He's the best.
Kathy was also amazing to work with.
A redesigned flyer inspired by" mid-century modern" kitchen graphics, featured in one of Jake Widman's Design Makeovers in Layers magazine.
FONT is Friends of New Traditions, the parent association for my son's elementary school, New Traditions Alternative Elementary School.
Jocelyn Cook is a Mortgage Broker. I have worked with many people in the sphere of Real Estate, creating several websites, art directing a TV infomercial, and writing literally scores of real estate bios and property descriptions.
I worked with The Visa Corporation on a series of business-to-business brochures.

David Racionzer, of Air-Sun Screen and Awning, is the best. I loved working with him on this website, because It was really handcrafted, and I could be creative and colorful. Your experience of screens and awnings will be totally transformed here:

Air-Sun Screen and Awning
At one point I illustrated a travel column for The Wall Street Journal, but they eventually decided that my work wasn't conservative enough, so they went back to making their illustrations with tiny dots.

As it happens, I do quite a bit of marketin consulting with my clients, after so many years of experience in this business.

Here are some assorted cookbook illustrations, black-and-white projects, and culinary spot art.

Below: About a million years ago a project visualizing, as comics, how one might live with a device that can anticipate music choices for the individual, and how to share them. Amazing! I did this kind of product visualization work with Apple, Sun and some other companies. It was fun being a part of this change on our culture — and Bill Joy from Sun even sent me a thank-you note.

This two-page story, "Cultured Milk," was published in a literary anthology about breastfeeding, called Have Milk, Will Travel.
The Fogg Art Museum at Harvard didn't like me breastfeeding in the lobby.

Thank you for taking a look. I will be updating this page often, so please come back and visit Aunt Violet Productions again soon. It's good for you, like prunes.

Caryn Leschen, Aunt Violet Productions. 415.260.8488

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Caryn Leschen


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