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Who am I?

I’m Sean McLean, yeah that’s actually my birth name, believe it or not someone actually thought It was a “stage name”

I’m half Scottish & half Ghanaian, Scottish from my fathers side and Ghanaian from my mothers side. I grew up in Aberdeen which is quite a nice place in the north east of Scotland however my fathers family are actually from Glasgow so I do not have any relation to Aberdeen. As for Ghana I was actually born there and visited every few years.


I label myself a “narrative model” which essentially suggests that I’m a model who engages with telling a story during photo shoots. Examples, I request certain lighting trickeries for certain moods. How do I create the moods? Through expressions, outfits and even hairstyle. Ever few months I will change up my look entirely to give a completely different approach to what I’m usually known for.

I enjoy modelling because I found I have this willingness to create scenery and art in the pictures I am part of. Being a freelance model was a good choice for me since It has provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with creative photographers that express themselves in a way that won’t be expressed in the fashion side of the industry. I very much enjoy modelling in fashion industry as well since there are actually quite allot of really wonderful artists who express themselves well through either photographry or even the clothes that the designers design and I am definitely fascinated to see what people are capable when working on their passions.

As a model with now one year of experience I have had opportunities to travel abroad for photoshoots, collaborate with brands and of course do catwalking for charity events.

Catwalk shows

• Aberdeen fashion week (November 2017)

• Aberdeen fashion week (May 2018)


Larvotto Luxury (2019)

Gibbs gentlemen outfitter brand promotion (2020)


Over the years I have been building the skill set of music composing, as a child music has always been such a wonderful way to esacape, enjoy or just generally listen to. I grew up on rock music but very recently I find myself to be more diverse with my taste sort of listening to all genres of music since I am a solo artist that is willing to learn from other artists. I have had band experience in the past as well so collaborating with other musicians is not a problem for me at all.


I play guitar and the piano, so far in my composing work I am currently using the application “garage band” which is available on the App Store and MacBook computers. I currently upload all of music to my YouTube channel, I have once made a song for a podcasting series on YouTube called “shadow wood” which is a doctor who fan series which I recommend for sure.


I also have an enjoyment for acting, I’ve acted in two independent films before but I’m currently developing the skill set for this since I’m quite the beginner here.


I have a love for writing stories, I am experienced in writing fiction (usually Sc-fi) I have made an entire universe to myself based on a franchise I have been developing ever since the age of twelve. At that time the franchise was a comic series that I used to both write and illustrate in my free time.

“The Book Of Stories” Illustrated and written by me

Travels 🛫🗺

Coming soon...

Contact me

Email: Doctorsean2000@yahoo.co.uk

Number: Available upon request

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Aberdeen fashion week 2020
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