Parable By: Amber Liu and Chloe Dorlon

Once upon a time, there was a family of three bears, Billy Bear, his wife Bertha Bear, and their son, Bobby Bear. They ate honey that Billy Bear got from working with the honey bees. Every day, Billy Bear got out of bed, said goodbye to his family, and protected the honey from anyone who might want to steal it. At the end of the day, the Queen Bee gives him honey in thanks. One day, he goes to the hive and discovers that all the honey is gone! The Queen Bee tells him that it was all stolen by a honey badger while Billy Bear was asleep. The bees were unable to save the honey, and the Queen Bee made an executive decision to move the beehive. She told him that they wouldn’t need his help anymore. This made Billy Bear sad because he had loved working with the bees.

Honey that the badger steals

So, he went to his favorite tree, the big silver birch tree. Billy Bear sat down beneath the ample shade and thought about how he could provide for his family without the job at the beehive. As he sat there pondering this issue, a few tears rolled down his face, the slightly salty water stung his nostrils and dampened his fur. Before he knew it, night had set over the skies, so he begrudgingly trudged back to his home, dreading the moment that he would have to tell his family that he had lost his job and be soon be unable to provide for them.

Billy Bear going home

Once he got home, Billy Bear sat down solemnly at the dinner table. Bertha Bear patted his head affectionately, not knowing the severity of the events to come. Bobby Bear came skipping into the den, not exhausted from playing outside all day, but very hungry.

Billy Bear sitting at the dinner table, feeling miserable

"Papa, Mama, what’s for dinner? I’m starving!” Bobby Bear exclaimed.

“I was just about to talk about that, Bobby. Today, I lost my job at the honey bee hive because the hive is leaving. The honey was all stolen by a badger last night. Unless I can find a new job quickly, which I doubt, we will be going to have to ration our food. I’m sorry that I was unable to provide for you,” Billy Bear said melancholily.

Bertha Bear and Bobby Bear were astonished, and they ate their meager dinner in silence. Afterward, Billy Bear couldn’t stand the atmosphere and ran out of the den, hanging his head in shame. He ran to his tree and curled up underneath of it, crying.

Suddenly, he heard a loud hoot, and he lifted his head to look up at a branch of the tree, coming eye to eye with a beautiful white owl.

The wise owl on the tree branch

“Hey, why are you crying, bear?” The owl remarked kindly.

“I just lost my job at the beehive, and now I can’t feed my family. What am I going to do?” Billy Bear sniffled.

“It’s alright. You should be out there, looking for a new job instead of sitting here, wallowing in self-pity. In fact, I just came from one of my bee friend’s hive, and they are looking for another protector so that they can freely produce honey without worrying about it getting stolen. I think it would be perfect for a burly bear like yourself!” The wise owl told him, smiling.

Billy Bear sat up. The owl was right! He told the owl that he would gladly accept the job, and as he watched it fly off into the night, he realized he had learned an important lesson: Don’t let one bad day turn into one bad life.

Billy Bear Watching The Wise Owl Flying Away And Reflecting On what The Owl Said

For the rest of his life, Billy Bear lived happily ever after with his family, and they never worried about running out of honey ever again.

The End.

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