3 Pl Basingstoke Awards and Enrolment Ceremony April 2017

Honoured Guests

The evening started with the arrival of guests as well as family members including the The Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane, Cllr Jane Frankum with her guest Cllr Paul Frankum, and also representatives from the Old Basing & District Branch including Tim Russell, Poppy Appeal Organiser for Old Basing & District and Hampshire County Vice Chairman for the Royal British Legion, Avril Mitchell, Women's Section Committee Section and Brian Dawes, Branch Vice Chairman.

The Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane, Cllr Jane Frankum

Also attending were the Commandant of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight ACF Colonel Andy Dawes, and representatives from Z Company, the OC Major Tim Hope and CSM Amanda Speight.

Colonel Andy Dawes, Major Tim Hope, CSM Amanda Speight

The evening started with several displays of drums as well as a rifle drill. The drums were led by Cdt Cpl Sarah Bowler and overseen by SSI Mike Bowler.

The cadets performing a music display
Cadets Lockwood, Sharman-Newell, Webb, Stevenson, and Purnell putting on a short rifle drill display.

The Detachment was then paraded and all took part in the Cadet Promise and the Lord's Prayer.

Several badges were then awraded by Major Tim Hope to Cadet Savage for his Basic APC and Cadet Sharman-Newell for passing his .22 shooting qualification

Cdt Savage receiving his Basic APC badge from Major Tim Hope

Cdt Sharman-Newell being awarded his .22 shooting badge from the Z Company OC

Also that evening was the "3 Pl Cake Bake Off" with the cadets being invited to make ACF themed cakes and then being judged by Major Hope and CSM Speight....

The entries for the "3 Pl Bake Off"

Next, two new cadets were enrolled into the 3 Pl Family these being Cadet Savage (sponsored by Cdt L/Cpl Smith), and Cadet Owen (sponsored by Cdt Minton), and were awarded their berets by Major Hope.

Cdt Dean being enrolled with his sponsor Cdt L/Cpl Smith alongside
Cdt Owen being enrolled as her sponsor Cdt Minton looks on

Then the head of the Poppy Appeal for the Royal British Legion, Tim Russell proudly presented the Detachment Commander SSI Kyle Grimsey with the Detachment's Certificate of Affiliation to the RBL allowing all the cadets to wear the affiliation badge.

RBL representative Tim Russell presenting the Certificate Of Affiliation to SSI Kyle Grimsey

It was then the Annual Awards Ceremony with the cadets of the Detachment being nominated and awarded trophies for different categories.

67th Foot The Tigers Trophy' - Endeavour

Nominees: Cdt Savage, Cdt Lockwood & Cdt Minton

Winner: Cdt Minton

Capt Young's Marksman Challenge Shield' - Best Shot

Nominees: Cdt Minton, Cdt Santos, Cdt LCpl Thatcher

Winner: Cdt Minton

The Dragon Trophy' - Best Turnout

Nominees: Cdt Mullins, Cdt Sharman-Newell, Cdt LCpl Smith

Winner: Cdt Sharman-Newell

Honi Suit Mal Y Pense Trophy' - Most Improved

Nominees: Cdt Duggan, Cdt Purnell, Cdt Stephenson

Winner: Cdt Stephenson

The Minden Trophy' - The Exemplary Cadet

Nominees: Cdt LCpl Smith, Cdt LCpl Thatcher, Cdt Sgt Grimsey

Winner: Cdt Sgt Grimsey

Promotion for SI Kristi Grimsey

it was then the Colonel's proud task to award CFAV Potential Instructor Kristi Grimsey her promotion to full Sergeant Instructor within Z Company! In his address the Colonel Dawes made reference to the massive commitment that all potential instructors have to take when looking to join the ACF as well as the huge amount of training over numerous weekends and camps they have to do to qualify.

In fact Colonel Dawes could easily recall addressing SI Grimsey when she attended her FAM weekend all those months ago.

SI Kristi Grimsey receiving her Sergeant rank slide from the Commandant Colonel Andy Dawes

Bake Off Results!

The last piece of business was to announce the winners of the Bake Off Competition, which were

• 1st Simply The Best Suck It Up Buttercup Cake -Cdt Dawes

• 2nd Cadet Laying By Fire - Cadet Owen

• 3rd The Tank Cake - Cdt LCpl Bowler

All photo's can be found by clicking below....

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