Northern WA top half where red dirt is king

Gladstone beach where we stayed for 5 days and really enjoyed the opportunity to bike the salt flats
Got the $69 chainsaw in action and had to build a wood box for the back of the ute. Good old pallet box. 
Gladstone Beach is actually a Station stay.

Shell Beach absolutely breathtaking ... Shark Bay

Denham Shark Bay
Nanga beach resort
Pods used for accommodation at the resort
Hamelin pool
Black on white
Road house where everyone has to fuel up as the distance between each fuel stop is too great.

Wooramel Station ... A working station over 350,000 acres

Hot pools at Wooramel Station
Station junk yard The Suzki jeeps are used for rounding up bulls.
An old shearing shed in another station we stayed at. They seem to all be getting in on the boom in tourism. These grey nomads love these station stays

Steps not made for short legs.

To explore the gorge you have to get wet.
Termite hills all sizes and shapes
Plenty of grass after resent rain

The popula Boab Tree. Hundreds of them in the Kimberley.

This is true red dirt country. It gets into everything and you just have to deal with it. You taste it, you breath it, you eat it and when you shower you turn the water red.
Caught up,with Raewyn's niece Rowena and her family in the Wandjana National Park. Northern WA. Had a great time and it was our first experience of fresh water crocodiles. There are large numbers of them living in the rivers and ponds.
Going on a crocodile hunt
One of the many we saw
The Fritzroy River which is the biggest by volume of all the Australian rivers when in full flight.
Sandstone rock on the walls of the Canyon - Fritzroy
Cattle country prone to fires and there is plenty of efficiency of large areas being burnt. Fires are mainly started by lightning.
Lots of the walks are tricky and dangerous. No safety rails or fences. You walk them at your own risk. But the end results are worth it. 
The Grotto
You definitely need a 4WD is this part of the country. The water crossings are interesting. 
This is where big business make a fortune from stunning rock formations in the Kimberley.
Hot water stream Zebedee Springs. Beautiful clear warm water in the middle of a stunning canyon
El Questro Gorge
Emily Falls

Emily Falls after a 3km walk over large and sharp rocks. The swim was magic. Water cold but really refreshing when the temp is in the 30's

Trail to falls
Fresh and cold .... Just what is needed on a hot day
Fresh water crocodile
Fresh water crocs have a skinny jaw
Rum tasting at Hoochery Distillery Kununurra.
An afternoon on the rum And a lot of fun.
Lake Argyle evening Cruie. Drinks in the water a lovely 22deg water temp.
Wine not. Lake Argyle is the largest lake in Australia. Seven times bigger than the Sydney Harbour. Man made to supply irrigation water for the region. There is over 30,000 crocodiles in this lake. No salties, they are the man eaters.
Well better go it's close to 5pm and I have some new campers to catchup with.

Rod and Raewyn 64 477736314

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