Million Dollar Throw BY: Mike Lupica;Reviewed by Fromessa Isse

Book One:Million Dollar Throw

Personal Summary: Nate Brodie's the star quarterback of his middle school football team and Tom Brady's biggest fan of all time. After purchasing a signed Brady Ball he enter a raffle to win a chance to throw a football through a hole on Thanksgiving day to win a Million Dollars. With Nate's family struggling financially and on the verge of losing their house Nate wins the contest. With Nate's life tumbling downwards with his family crumbling and his best friend becoming more and more blind everyday he hits the turf. The stress starts getting to him and his throws become more and more inaccurate as days pass by. The Thanksgiving day comes, will he be able to make the throw? Read "Million Dollar Throw" and find o

Personal Review

I liked this book a lot and it was really interesting for me to read. I think that people who like sports would enjoy this book a lot since its very football related. This book had a lot of ups and downs and was a really dramatic book especially when his best friend started going blind. Not only is his best friend slowly becoming blind but his family is in an economic crisis and he'll soon lose his house. All he wants to do is play football but all these things are saying otherwise. That's when he gets the opportunity of a life time and has the chance to save his family. The day comes and he meets his idol Tom Brady. Now you can't tell me your a sports fan if you don't already want to read this!!

This shows the three keys inside of his life. His parents struggling financially, football and Tom Brady, and finally is best friend Abby.



"I would give Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupcia 5 out of 5 because of the way he showed friendship, Nate’s love for football, and all of the cliffhangers." - Jack C.

"Mike Lupica is one of my favorite author because most of his books are about sports. I like to play and watch sports." - Grant Johnson

"I really liked this book and I really like this author. I have read one other book by him. Even though I liked “QB1” better, I still really liked this one, too. I got really into it and hoped that when the time came he was able to make the million dollar throw." -----Eric Kneisler

“I can't say 'why me,' Brady. That's one of the big no-can-do's. Because if I do that now that bad stuff has happened to me, why didn't I say it about all the amazing stuff that happened to me before?”

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