November/December 2016 AR Biography/AutoBiography Reading Assignment "Marie Curie" by Laura Hamilton Waxman

"On saturday nights, Sklodowkis listened to Vladislav read Polish poetry" (Pg. 8)

Based upon the context clues, "Vladislav" means Marie Curie's father

Picture of "Vladislav"

"The few women who did study at the university often went to Sorbonne in Paris, France.." (Pg. 10)

Based upon the context clues, "Sorbonne" means the University of Paris.

Picture of the "Sorbonne"

"One of the specialists who examined Marie Curie diagnosed her problem. Suspecting tuberculosis, several advised to stay at the sanatorium in Switzerland." (Pg. 9)

Based upon the context clues, "Tuberculosis" means a deadly disease.

Picture of "Tuberculosis"

"But Pierre and Marie were the happiest when they could discuss electricity or magnetism together" (pg. 18)

Based upon the context clues, "Magnetism" means Magnetic properties

Picture of "Magnetism"

"She decided to test every kind of matter she could find and compare it to Uranium." (pg. 21)

Based upon the context clues, "Uranium" is a element on the periodic table

Picture of "Uranium"

"Marie guessed that the Uranium in Pitchblende would produce rays" (pg. 23)

Based on the context clues, "Pitchblende" is an element compound.

Picture of "pitchblende"

"She named the second element Radium, after the Latin word for ray" (pg. 26)

Based on the context clues, "Radium" means ray.

Picture of "Radium"

"Marie decided to name the first element Polonium, in honor of Poland." (pg. 26)

Based upon the context clues, "Polonium" means Poland element

Picture of "Polonium"

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Created with images by DFAT photo library - "Dr Rendi Moke, Provincial TB Physician Western Province and Nurse Konia Sampson" • markusspiske - "driving school driving a car streets" • WikiImages - "uranium radioactive nuclear" • James St. John - "Auriferous, uraninitic, hydrocarbon-rich stromatolite rock (Carbon Leader Gold Ore, South Africa) 1"

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