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List of 5 interview questions for Robert Oppenheimer

1. Why do you think that James B. Conant chose for you to be part of the Manhattan Project?

I believe that he Picked me because I saw him at on of my lectures at Harvard and he even told me that he chose me because of my great work in fast neutron calculations. his made a great choice when he picked me because I was very willing to help my country beat Germany in the atomic race.

2. Why do you think James B. Conant chose you to be head of secret weapons laboratory?

I to be honest do not know why he chose me because i had not won any noble prizes and had a different view on politics then anybody else did. He was very impressed though when he saw that i had a good grasp of particles and how they worked.

3. What did you do to help out during the war besides create the atomic bomb.

Well before I made the atomic bomb I was a professor and I was taking chunks out of my salary to help german physicist escape Germany while Hitler Rose to power and while Hitler was in power.

4. What was one thing you thought of when the Trinity bomb went off

Well when the trinity bomb went off I said that it worked but what I was thinking was completely different and it was a verse from the Hindu Holy Bible and it said "kālo'smi lokakṣayakṛtpravṛddho lokānsamāhartumiha pravṛttaḥ" which is in english "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." I though of that because when I saw that blast it was spectacular and it was amazing but also scary because i knew id we used it how many lives it would take.

5. What was "Thin Man"

Thin man was a type of gun we where developing but late had to abandon because Initialy research on the properties of plutonium was done using cyclotron-generated plutonium-239, which was extremely pure but could only be created in tiny amounts. When Los Alamos received the first sample of plutonium from the X-10 Graphite Reactor in April 1944 a problem was discovered the reactor-bred plutonium that had a higher concentration of plutonium-240, making it unsuitable for use in a gun-type weapon.

Dear, Steve Sheinkin

I hope this letter find you well, The book bomb is a very amazing book that I felt matched history very well. I loved this book because this is the type of stuff that i am into and the type of stuff that I research and am interested learning about in my free time. When I looked and researched the events that took place in the book it was all very accurate, But I do have a couple of questions. Why did you write this book? I would like to know this question because I would like to see if you are an actual scientist or if you are just an author because either are really cool and awesome. I would also like to know since you labeled you book as a nonfiction thriller how did you know just start making thing up? The reason I would like to know this is because the book was amazing and had me having on the edge of my chair the whole time. One last thing If you where to make one other book about WII what would it be about? and why?

From, Zander


The Race to Build—And Steal—The World's Most Dangerous Weapon. The title basically sums it up because of the constant worry that somebody would beat the us in the making of atomic bomb and use it again us. The Russians weren't helping to take that worry off either because they where constantly stealing information and secrets about the bomb.

1. One event was the event in where Harry gold was recruited for Russian spying and to steal secrets on the atomic bomb

2. Another event was when the US surrounded a submarine that as carrying Plutonium for the atom bomb.

3. another event would be in 1940 when a ton of highly purified uranium oxide was delivered to the german army.

The novel from my point of view and my knowledge of the book puts Truman in the position of a saint for creating the Atomic bomb and saving lives that would have been lost if the fighting with japan would have continued. It also tells the story in different points of war such as from a point of view of harry gold a soviet spy a norwegian radio operator and such so I do not think the book would convict Truman.


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