Sexism in the Media Umaimah Nasir



1. Axe Advertisement

2. Mr. Clean Advertisement

3. Old Spice Commercial Advertisements

4. Music Video

5. Report



Sexist Axe Advertisement

This advertisement clearly reinforces sexism in our society due to the image it presents of a woman compared to a man. It sends a message to men that no matter the type of man you are, as long as you are attractive in any way, in this case by smell, you can get a woman to do anything for you. This advertisement is especially degrading to women as it shows that women are easy to get and don't require much work or attention. It tells men that just doing something as simple as bathing themselves will get them a woman. These images effect the way people think and act in our society. A male will begin to see themselves as 'dominant' and their mentality will change to tell them that a woman is meant to be 'submissive'. These types of advertisements also begin to make women feel like they are worth less than men. It can make men change the way they act around women as well. It may cause men to treat women with little respect and look at women as sex objects.



Sexist Mr.Clean Advertisement

This Mr.Clean advertisement for Mother's Day reinforces sexism in our society. This is because Mr.Clean is a company that produces cleaning supplies and the message of this advertisement is to women telling them to focus on the job that they were made for as mothers; cleaning. This ideology is old and is not relevant to our modern society as women have proved themselves to have the capabilities to be just as successful as a man. Women, especially mothers, have much more purpose in life than to clean and this advertisement is caging mothers in a box covered in stereotypes. This advertisement is especially reinforcing sexism because it is entitling women to a specific job due to past lifestyles and events. Advertisements like these affect the way people think and act towards women. Men can begin to think with older mentalities and may limit the opportunities they give to women; a male employer may prefer to give a job to a less qualified male applicant than a highly qualified female applicant.



These Old Spice commercials reinforce sexism. These commercials show a robot who is pretending to be a real human man using Old Spice products. The purpose of the robot is to prove that he smells 'manly', enough to persuade women that he is a real man. These commercials sexualize women as women were used to play a seductive role while wearing revealing or tight clothing. Women were also shown as naive and credulous as the robot had no trouble convincing them that he was a real man when it was obvious that he was not. These commercials reinforce the gender stereotypes that are associated with women. They use those stereotypes as the basis of their commercials. These types of advertisements affect the way people think and act towards different genders. Seeing the way women can easily be convinced can make men believe that women will eventually give in to their persuasion. It will be harder for men to take 'no' for an answer if this is their mentality about women. Men will also be more likely to place women in a sexualized role where the woman is the seductress, and submissive.



This music video, starring Lil Wayne and Fat Joe, is a great example of the reinforcement of sexism in our society. This music video shows women in nothing but bikinis or shorts with close up shots of them posing or dancing. There is specifically a clip where a woman is just licking her lips and smirking at the camera seductively. The video also shows women posing next to cars and other materialistic things. This music video is sexually objectifying women because the women are used as props to make the video more interesting. Women are especially being sexualized because they are being placed in a position where they play the role of the seductress. They are also being shown as 'gold diggers' due to the amount of money being thrown at them and posing next to the high-end cars. This changes the way people act towards different genders, especially youth. Younger generations are more likely to be listening to this type of rap, fast-paced music. This means that the images and videos that they are exposed to in the media are impacting their mentality greatly. A young boy may grow up to think that women are objects and are only there for their own personal sexual needs. They may lose respect for women and women can also begin to lose respect for their own bodies as well.



Current State of Sexism

Throughout history, women have come a long way in fighting against sexism

in our society, but in spite all their efforts, sexism still remains within our

communities. In the early 1900’s, women and men were entitled to specific

duties and were meant to fill certain roles and responsibilities. Specifically, a

woman was seen as a housewife and a child bearer. She was denied certain

roles in society due to her responsibilities of the house and as a mother. For

example, women had to quit their jobs when they got married. Also, birth

control was illegal for women. Women had so many restrictions due to the

gender roles that they were designated to. Now in the 21st century, women

have many more opportunities and less expectations that are associated with

their gender all due to acts of feminism throughout history. Although

feminism has increased, sexism is still alive and thriving all over the world.

Women still struggle with discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudice used

against them. Some great examples of sexism in our society today are the

advertisements that are shown through the media. These advertisements are

based on stereotypes and paint a very degrading picture of women to the

public. The four most common types of gender stereotypes that women are

most frequently faced with are personality traits, domestic behaviours,

occupations, and physical attributes. For example, the advertisement for, Axe,

Mr.Clean, and Old Spice. These advertisements and commercials are based

on the gender stereotypes of a woman’s personality, domestic roles, and

physical appearance. The Axe ad is sexist as it focuses on the stereotype of a

woman’s personality of being submissive. The message this advertisement is

communicating is very dangerous as it can result in domestic violence and

viewing women as sex objects. The Mr.Clean advertisement is sexist as it

focuses on women's domestic roles and behaviours of cooking, cleaning,

doing housework, and raising children. Lastly, the Old Spice commercials are

sexist due to their relevance to a woman’s personality traits as well as physical

appearance. They focus on the stereotype that a woman is meant to be

passive and that a woman is very sexual, alluring, and seductive. Commercials

and advertisements are a large aspect of sexism in our society today. They

teach men that it is okay to sexualize women and to play the dominant role

in the relationship. They also teach women that it is okay to use their bodies

as a method of persuasion and that they must have ‘clean’ jobs in society like:

teachers, nurses, secretaries and librarians. Sexism used to be very severe in

the past, and even though it has improved greatly, women are still the victims

of discrimination by society due to gender stereotypes.


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