5 Reasons to Go Caribbean this Thanksgiving

It's never too soon to begin holiday planning - especially the all important travel planning. While most are deciding which family to visit or which guests to invite, we'll be deciding which island we will trek to this Thanksgiving. You see, we're completely sold on the idea of ditching the chill of the northeast for balmy, Caribbean breezes. And, the holidays are the perfect time to do it.

Ditch the white snow
For the white sand!

The decision to venture thousands of miles from home over a major holiday was not easy at first. We wrestled with the idea of celebrating one of our favorite holiday traditions away from everything familiar in the U.S. and away from family and friends. Would we miss turkey? Stuffing? Cranberry sauce? Pie? Would we miss the colorful autumn leaves? How would we catch the games? What about our families?

We took the leap of faith and were relieved to find that our biggest worries turned out to be nothing. Plus, by the following year our Facebook Live streams had our families sold on the idea of tagging along with us.

So now, it's official. Thanksgiving in the Caribbean is our new tradition!

Take in the views!
We can assure you Flamingos are not on the Thanksgiving menu!

If you need some convincing, read our five reasons you should be spending this Thanksgiving in the Caribbean.

1. Rates are reasonable.

Thanksgiving travel falls in that sweet spot between hurricane season and high season which means you still benefit from low season rates to a prime destination.

Who wouldn't love watching football on Thanksgiving Day at a beach bar steps away from the beach with cocktail in hand? A perfect combination!

2. No muss, no fuss.

Most destinations are tailor-made to accommodate travelers seeking a traditional feast. This means no wrestling over the last frozen turkey at the grocery store. No meal prep marathon. No slaving over a hot stove. And no meal clean up. You can enjoy turkey, fixings and deserts while barely lifting a finger!

Dinner is served!

3. There'll be big screen football.

Turkey, football, palm trees, beaches, rum paired with a good cigar - Perfect!

If you think traveling for Thanksgiving means you'll have to skip out on all important games, we have news for you. Hotel ballrooms and larger restaurants set up big screen TVs for the big meal. You'll have no problem getting your game on while indulging! And for that post dinner stroll along the beach, you'll find that most beach bars will have their TVs tuned in to ensure you won't miss a play.

No, you won't be able to stretch out on the sofa...but take our words for it - hammocks on the beach are way better!

This spot is reserved for you!

4. You'll be in paradise!

What a view!

If nothing else convinced you, think about this - you'll be spending Thanksgiving in paradise. That morning, you can lie under the palm trees then hit the beach to work up an appetite for an evening of indulgence. After dinner, you'll be ready to stroll along the sand and catch a brilliant sunset.

Sunset strolls to walk off the Thanksgiving indulgence!

Along the way, you can take a moment to pose for your winter holiday card photos with palm trees and turquoise waters in the backdrop. You'll be the envy of all your family.

And speaking of family...

5. The whole family can come!

Family beach day!

If the only thing holding you back is the thought of spending one of the most family-oriented holidays away from your family, then rest assured - they can come too! Your travel agent can put together a group package or you can do most of the leg work by searching for villas, Air BnB prices, hotel deals and car rentals. Then crunch the numbers and see if this makes sense for you and your clan. You may find this the perfect time to take that family vacation you've been putting off.

If you hadn't considered it before, know that the Caribbean is a great choice for your Thanksgiving holiday. As you can see, we're completely sold on the idea of swapping the chill of the northeast for balmy, Caribbean breezes.

Oh. And in case you were wondering, this Thanksgiving we will be trekking to.........

Aruba - One happy island!
Bon bini and bon app├ętit!
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