The Good Life Experience, Florida Museum of Natural History Angela Delfino

The Northwest Florida Waterways and Wildlife exhibit was particularly appealing to me. This exhibit contained several fossils which are something that I have always been interested in. This rather obscenely large fossil of a mammoth was surely the attention grabber for me. Its size and detail were both very intriguing to me. I learned how the world progressed so much over time and how many things changed. Before entering this exam, I do not think that I really had an appreciation or an understanding of that. I really enjoyed the wide range that the museum had because it allowed me to educated myself in multiple different areas.

In regard to nature and ethics, that Natural History Museum allowed me to "love, respect and admire" the land, especially in this exhibit here. As stated on the exhibit, "The Florida Museum is dedicated to understanding, preserving and interpreting biological diversity and cultural heritage to ensure their survival for future generations." This allowed me to appreciate the things that I was shown as well as where they came from and how important and significant their lives were. I felt satisfied to know that this museum cared and appreciated nature significantly. Other people reacted positively to this as well. Many enjoy the appreciation of nature, which is why there was such a positive reaction in this area. This exhibit alone surely instilled an ethical responsibility to nature.

Finally, this shark exhibit helps us to better understand ourselves and appreciate majesty and mystery. This exhibit shows how although there are all different types of sharks, they are all sharks, and all evolved over time. This helps us to understand ourselves because people are animals, and therefore can be just the same, evolving through their years of existence. On the contrary, although we can appreciate the majesty shown here, human evolution still has much of a mystery to it as shark evolution does. This helps us to step out of our ordinary lives and view a broader spectrum of how we can who we are today by looking at other animals evolve and change.


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