Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Switch Toolkit FINAL ISSUE

The Change is Coming

Well, the ides of march is finally upon us. On March 15th we OFFICIALLY change our name to Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. From that day on we will no longer be known as Kern County Mental Health to the public. At that point, we should be referring to ourselves as Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.

We have discussed the reasons for the change and what the change means in prior editions of this toolkit. I would like to provide you with some final tools and information as we make the switch to our new name complete.

NOTE: There is one important thought to remember as we discuss the name change with our partners, clients, and the community at large. "We have the same people, the same services, and the same mission as we always have. We are changing our name, but our goal of healing people, especially those who need managed specialty mental health services (MediCal) in Kern County, remains the same."

In this issue we will discuss:

  • New email, email signatures and web address
  • New Letterhead and stationary
  • New ID badges
  • Getting the word out to the public
  • Social Media at BHRS
  • New Style Guide

New Email Addresses!

That's right, as of the switch date we will be able to give out our new e-mail addresses to the public. They will follow the below naming convention:

your current

For example, that would make Bill Walker's new email address

These emails are already being forwarded to your current mail boxes and will be ready on the 15th. You can start sharing the new email addresses with your contacts now.

E-mail signature file templates (see below for an example of what they will look like) will be made available as part of our upcoming upgrade to Microsoft 365 (and Microsoft Outlook). Until we make that switch you can use the following small logo for insertion in your groupwise e-mail signature. Click here to download the small logo for your signature now.

New Website Address

Starting on March 15th, you can access our web site at it's new address

Our current web address ( will remain active to avoid confusion. People can access the site by either address, but all promotional materials, business cards, stationary, etc. will list the address starting on the 15th.

New Letterhead / Stationary

We will also include two new versions of letterhead with the switch over to Microsoft 365. In the meantime, I have attached the two template files for letterhead to this document.

The FIRST FILE is a more formal letterhead for use in official correspondence.

The SECOND FILE is a less formal file for internal communications, memos and marketing uses.

New ID Badges

All employees will receive a new ID badge with our new logo. Everyone must schedule a time with HR before the end of March to take a new ID photo for your badge. If you have not yet scheduled a time, click this link to schedule your session. The new badge design is pictured below.

Getting the word out

External Communication

The main goal of the external advertising you see over the next few months will be to get our name out there to the people of Kern County. We have developed a strategy that starts with press releases about our name change and some of our projects and divisions that will hopefully garner some news coverage.

We will follow that up with some appearences by Bill, Brad, and/or Lamar on local television and radio starting the week of the 15th. After that, we move into a longer term advertising campaign featuring generic spots highlighting our name change and general philosohy (See the spot examples below). NOTE: These spots will be translated into Spanish for radio and television and also aired on Spanish networks.

Over the next several months we will maintain a media schedule with this imagery, slowly moving into more specific "stories" about our programs and successes as they arise. We will also begin using social media to help in "getting the word out" to the public about who and what we are (see below).

Please FOLLOW, LIKE and SHARE all of our social media pages so we can start with the biggest base possible.
We would love for EVERY employee to FOLLOW, LIKE and SHARE all of our social media pages so we start with the biggest base possible to get our word out to the community.

(Don't worry, these pages will be kept light and used for information purposes only. We will not use them to take stands on issues or for treatment purposes of any kind).

Internal Communication

Internally, we will be focusing on telling stories that highlight our various programs and inform the staff of all of the wonderful things we do. Look for explainer videos on our programs, on our new initiatives etc. that will help you understand all of the good we are doing.

We are also going to introduce an exciting new concept in our internal communication. We will be launching a live show designed to give our staff (yes you) an open line of communication with top administration and our Director, Bill Walker in particular.

We have made some tremendous leaps forward in growth over the last several years. That growth means lots of new people and changes on a regular basis. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with or understand changes simply because of our size.

In an effort to improve the lines of communication between all levels of staff we are developing a regular live webcast that will have Director Bill Walker and Deputy Directors Brad Cloud and Lamar Kerley answering your questions LIVE in a two-way dialog.

"It is very important to us that this become an open forum that would be considered a safe place to ask questons, to bring us ideas, and to discuss topics with your peers and management. This kind of dialog is critical to continuous improvement for the department" States, Mr. Walker.

To facilitate this, we are looking for input on the things you would like included in this show. Look for a survey to be sent to you in the next few weeks that will ask for your input on this format.

New Style Guide

As part of our name change a new style guide has been developed and is being approved by the policy committee. This guide will outline the proper uses of the new logo and best practices for the creation of materials to be used in the course of business for Behavioral Health & Recovery Services. It also outlines proper procedures for communicaton, both internal and external. It will be available in the policy section of MHnet (Policy 1.1.3) at the time of the switch.

Timeline Update

The switch date is Wednesday, March 15.

Please begin answering phones and referring to our department as Behavioral Health and Recovery Services at that time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail at

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