History of the USSR Sara mccallum

@joe.v.stalin I'm the leader of the Soviet Union! #boss

@joe.v.stalin This five year plan is going to build a new socialist economy. #buildingblocks

@joe.v.stalin Join the nonaggression pact!! #peace

@nikita_k Everything is getting complicated...almost got into a nuclear war

@brezhnev Say hello to your new leader! #boss

@brezhnev The invasion of Afghanistan worked perfectly! #win

@brezhnev The average Polituburo member increased by 13 years. #nochange

@gorbachev Brezhnev died...I'm your new leader! #boss #unnamious

@gorbachev Attention! New ideas are coming your way! #promote

@gorbachev Everyone should be able to choose their own social system! #1989speech

@gorbachev Ronald Reagan and I have decided we are going to remove our missels. #teamwork

@gorbachev It's time for a change, I want to reject the Brezhnev Doctrine.

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