Alexander M. Hoffmann I facilitate thoughtful design that simplifies experience.

From growing up in Lafayette, undergrad in Evansville, and graduate in Bloomington, I've been a Hoosier through and through. Now, I've moved north to Michigan to start my career as a design professional with Ford.

I'm a designer by trade, and a kid at heart; I play board games, disc golf, soccer, and I dance like there's no tomorrow. What I do for a living is how I express my adventures.

Chihuly Garden and Glass - Seattle, WA

My Studies

I started my collegiate career in Evansville at the University of Southern Indiana. With a degree in Radio / Television and minors in Business Administration, Public Relations, and Advertising I built an understanding of multimedia and creative practice.

As an undergrad, I developed skills as a leader, multimedia producer, and designer. This focus led to my entry into Indiana University's Human Computer Interaction - design program, where I sought to build upon my abilities as a designer. At IU, I developed a grasp of design processes, thinking, and theory, while also sharpening my skills as a digital designer.

Credit: Steven Leonard/stevenleonardphotography.com

My ability to think on my feet and communicate design concepts effectively has driven me to become a highly dynamic UX designer. The excitement I bring to every meeting, and the ambition to design products that are user centered and user driven gives my work a personal touch so users can see their impact.

Credit: Steven Leonard/stevenleonardphotography.com

My studies gave me skills that are as wide ranged as my ambitions. I'm able to engage users through research methods ranging from co-design and contextual inquiries to surveys and traditional interviews. These insights lead to sketches, concepts, and eventually to higher fidelity prototypes. The work I've done as a student lends itself to making a direct impact as a designer and gives me the knowledge to step into conversations about design practice.

My Work

I began working with design during my junior year of undergrad. Since joining the HCI/d program at Indiana, the work I produced has become a presentation of my studies, and where I am continuing to develop. You can see a sample of my work on my portfolio. If you're interested in a formal summary of my career, check out my resume. Finally, if you're interested in connecting, the best way to get in touch is through my LinkedIn profile or with my email.

Credit: Steven Leonard/stevenleonardphotography.com

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