NERCOMP Digital Fluency Conference At Thomas College, Waterville, ME

On February 1, 2017, in conjunction with the NERCOMP Consortium and Thomas College, Adobe launched a Digital Fluency mini-conference. Inspired by other Adobe education events, but on a smaller, regional scale, the event focused on the importance of digital literacy to schools, faculty and students.

Thomas College generously donated the lecture space for the event, which was held in the Summit Room of the Student Commons Building.

While there was a strong Adobe presence - Jim Babbage (Sr. Solutions Consultant), Michael Scrogan (Account Executive) and Stephen Hart (Customer Success Manager) - we played more of a facilitative role. The majority of the content was provided by George Brown College Professor, Jim Kinney (Retooling for the Digital Economy) and Thomas College Marketing student, Josh Devou (Digital Fluency and Education). CIO Chris Rhoda acted as host for the event.

Thomas College CIO, Chris Rhoda

The regional focus was intentional - take Adobe to the schools/regions in the NERCOMP membership that were not close to big cities like Boston, and give faculty and administrators a chance to share together, and learn about Digital Fluency and how Adobe solutions can help with this concept in education.

Just the Facts

  • Location: Thomas College, Waterville, Maine
  • Promotion/registration handled by NERCOMP
  • Registration: 26 attendees
  • Actual: 27 attendees
  • School representation: 6 local colleges/universities, as well as Maine Dept of Ed (K-12)


  • 45 minute presentation by Prof Jim Kinney (Adobe Education Leader) on Retooling for the Digital Economy
  • 25 minute presentation by Marketing student Josh Devou on how digital skills are important in the workplace
  • 20 minute panel discussion and summary
  • Extended breaks to promote networking and discussion
  • Audience sentiment: Attentive, engaged, good Q&A, lively discussions during breaks and lunch

Registrant titles included, but were not limited to:

  • VP information Services
  • Director of Libraries
  • Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Manager, Digital Media Studios
  • Chair, H. Allen Ryan School of Business
  • Associate Director, Media Relations
  • Assistant to the Vice President for Information and Library Services

As well as a mix of faculty and other supporting staff in IT and media.

Adobe Team

  • Jim Babbage (Sr. SC, Lead and coordinator)
  • Tim Plumer (SC manager)
  • Michael Scrogan (AE)
  • Steve Watson (CSM)
  • Lisa Deakes, Shadan Saber (Marketing)
  • Stephen Hart (Sr. CSM)

Peripheral Post Marketing

Spark Post and Spark Page from Jim Babbage

Tweets and other social media posting from Jim Babbage and Jim Kinney


On the ground observations of this mini-conference indicate it was an overall positive, well-received (and well-attended) event. Its focus on education and student success, rather than on simply talking about Adobe tools was appreciated by all attendees. That said, we also did briefly discuss the Marketing Cloud and the Adobe team fielded many product-specific questions through the morning, especially during the final panel discussion.

Created By
Jim Babbage


All photography by Jim Babbage, with the exception of the cover image of Thomas College. Cover photo courtesy of Thomas College

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