Chapter 5 Erik Johnstone


I chose this picture because it is my favorite. I love the splash from my friend Jeff's shoe. It represents the activity that shoes get us through. When we first got this theme I was a little nervous, I found out that we can take pictures of our shoes anywhere at any place.


On the left is unedited. I cropped the picture, gave it more vibrance as well as color. I also sharpened the little dew drop.
Left is unedited. I cropped, lowered, and darkened the whole picture. I really wanted to bring out the contrast. It kind of looks like the top candle is floating.


The fire on the left split down the center would almost reproduce the same picture. The picture on the right is totally symmetrical except for the trees.
Even though this is as symmetrical as a valley can get it is still asymmetrical. I love asymmetrical photos because they are always more interesting.


Top left: Daveybaby00, Top Right: Roberto Taddeo, Bottom Left: Jamie Morrissey, Bottom Right: Gareth Ray; They all spend time mastering their craft of photography. They all love nature settings, as I do, and they perfectly describe the beauty of nature in their photos. My favorite is the bottom left where it is an unreal scene, he took this picture at the decisive moment. You can tell Mr. Ray is very experienced.

Thematic. Animals (Dog).

My dog Roxy, my best pal. I like this one because everyone always says she looks sad, so I wanted to focus in on that.

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