Transformation Statement Janet Hoffmann--EDUC 5820

Transformation Reflection

As I reflect on the transformation in my thinking about using technology in my classroom, several things come to mind...

I love interactive posters and plan to use them more often. I will even pay for ThinkLink for the 5th & 6th graders.

Even though there are great digital apps is frustrating to me that I have to sign up, then try it out and then find out there is a cost to be able to do the things I want. I appreciate that people who create these wonder tools want to make money, but it is still exciting to learn something new, struggle to learn the ins and outs, and then after so many house spend find I can't download it or share is a simple way.

There is a one month option for $25. I really like the site but NOT the cost. How do you use it with elementary students? How can you even justify the cost.
I think this one is worth the money. $35 for 5 classes and 150 students...


Infographics are great...I have yet to find a site (including Piktochart,, or that I would use with elementary students. But I am still looking.


Comic Strips...These comic strip sites were easy to use and are doable with elementary students. Still not sold on actually using them in class. Maybe as a beginning of the year, get to know you kind of thing.

Students love to use more pictures and less text. I can see me using more and more digital story telling in the future. There are some great apps for the iPads for digital story telling. (Telestory, Videolicious, PuppetPals, Puppet

I have been having students create stop motion videos. Here are a few samples of how they have been sharing their digital stories. Audio soon to be added.

instructional videos

Love VIZIA with the embedded questions!

Transformation Summary

  • Technology can be overwhelming...keep it simple
  • Unlearn and relearn
  • Re-think, revise, replace, evolve
  • Use what works for me and my class
  • Always try something new
  • Just go for it!!!
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Janet Hoffmann

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