Chinese Immigrants and Railroads By Richard Adler and Miles Bavuso

Chinese Immigrants Entering and What They Did They Come For?

• Chinese immigrants came from various countries ( Siyi, Taishan, and Enpig)

• Chinese immigrants came mostly to hope to strike it rich, returning to their poor families to support them. Another popular reason was to start new businesses and expand their family's to more wealthy land.

Some Dangers / Concerns of Chinese Immigrants

• Chinese Immigrants would lay tracks in dangerous areas for extremely low pay.

• They were prone to racial slurs from other workers, some of them would have to live in underground tunnels they were constructing. More than 1000 died in accidents and avalanches while laboring in the mountains

Chinese Immigrants Gang Groups

• The Chinese were organized into work gangs of around 30 men, under the supervision of an Irish "Riding Boss.” Each work gang selected one man to collect all the wages and buy all the provisions for that gang. “Coolies,” which meant unskilled worker.

How Did They Import Goods and What Were Their Wages?

• Chinese Immigrants were paid only $27 a month on average (later rising to $30 a month), significantly less than the $35 a month that Irish laborers on the Central Pacific earned for doing the same work.

The Strike of the Chinese Immigrants / Chinese Exclusion Acts

• Laborers demanded lower work time and higher wages (35$ to 40$) They wouldn't work, they would just walk around

• The Chinese Exclusion act was signed by president Chester A. Arthur, it was a federal law enforcing all immigration of Chinese laborers (1924)

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