Bioregional One Planet Action Plan Summary review 2018/19

We only have one Planet Earth, but as a global society we’re living as if we have several planets and consuming in ways which cannot be sustained. That means a lot of things have to change. But we also know that if we work together we can enjoy just as much comfort, more security and better health, while living lives that are enriching, fulfilling and sustainable.

One Planet Living® sets out to make this transition. It is a framework and an initiative which grew out of our experience of developing the pioneering BedZED eco-village in south London, UK in the early 2000s. Today there are one planet communities and destinations in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

It is a simple framework that enables everyone – from the general public to professionals – to collaborate on a sustainability strategy drawing on everyone’s insights, skills and experience. It is based on ten guiding principles of sustainability which we can use to create holistic, joined-up solutions:

This information below highlights our progress in implementing our One Planet Action Plan published in 2018.

Health and happiness

Main achievements 2018/19

We achieved our highest ever staff engagement score of 4.3, with 90% of staff participation (2017/18 score: 4.16). Best practice is 4.2 out of 5, according to Gallup.

Key priorities 2019/2020

  • Implement effective cooling system for summer months
  • Start to monitor air quality throughout the office
  • Maintain Gallup score of 4.3 or above

Equity and local economy

Main achievements 2018/19

  • Our staff pay ratio reduced to 2.9 from 3.1.
  • Staff volunteered to organise 4 fundraising lunches, raising a total of £197 for local charity Jigsaw4u (£220 was raised in 2017/18)
  • 36% of our suppliers are local (30% in 2017).

Priorities 2019/2020

  • Share news with staff about our nominated local charity, Jigsaw4u
  • Organise an activity for Fairtrade Fortnight 2020
  • Working with BedZED residents, persuade Peabody to buy local and sustainably sourced wood fuel.

Culture and community

Main achievements 2018/19

• We held a successful summer BBQ for staff and BedZED residents

Priorities 2019/2020

  • Organise talk about One Planet Living and Bioregional at a local school
  • Plan trip to a local museum
  • Hold a summer awayday trip to Carshalton Lavender Fields, which Bioregional initiated.

Land and nature

Main achievements 2018/2019

  • We bought a range of pollution-reducing plants in our office and re-planted existing plants. Every member of staff can now see a healthy planet from their desk
  • We promoted the RSPB’s annual Big Bird Watch to staff in January

Priorities for 2019/2020

  • Focus on improving plant health in the office
  • Promote the RSPB Annual Big Garden Birdwatch in January 2020
  • Organise lunchtime birdwatching trip around the local fields by local ornithologist.

Sustainable water

Main achievements 2018/19

  • Staff use 8.25 litres of water each per day - far less than the UK average.(2017/18: 9 litres a day)

Priorities 2019/20

  • Investigate embodied water
  • Monitor water meter monthly and spot any trends
  • Make a trip to local water treatment works

Local and sustainable food

Main achievements 2018/19

  • Staff continued to grow vegetables in BedZED troughs and include them in Bioregional lunches
  • We created and published a simple guide for sustainable catering at events, which is now being used for all events

Key priorities 2019/20

  • Create a list of sustainable cafes and restaurants based on locations
  • Continue to build lunch club recipe books
  • Influence office refurb to include bulk dry good storage/dispensers


Travel and transport

Main achievements 2018/19

  • Three of us started commuting regularly by bicycle after participating in the annual Cycle to Work Day in September 2017, joining our existing team of cycle commuters
  • We selected a carbon offset provider and started to offset all flights

Priorities 2019/20

  • Hold another staff commuting survey
  • Participate in and promote Annual Cycle to Work Day

Materials and products

Main achievements 2018/19

  • Our average paper use is 2 reams per employee every year (2017/18: was 2.5 reams) The industry average is 20 reams per person every year

Priorities 2019/20

  • Hold a project seminar to discuss lessons from Transform Together's work on sustainable smartphones and explore feasibility of incentivising staff to purchase sustainable smartphones

Zero waste

Main achievements 2018/19

  • Our waste audit revealed an 88% recycling and composting rate (2017/18: 84%)
  • We introduced new bin labels, making it crystal clear which types of waste can be recycled

Priorities 2019/20

  • Achieve above 90% of waste prevented from going to landfill/incineration
  • Continue to educate staff and visitors about waste

Zero carbon energy

Main achievements 2018/19

  • We were 51% lower than the good practice benchmark for electricity and 12% lower than the good practice benchmark for heat demand (per unit of floor space) (2017/18: Electricity consumption was 51% lower and heat consumption 33% lower than the good practice benchmark)

Priorities 2019/20

  • Develop relationship with our Peabody liaison to increase potential to achieve progress on sustainable energy at BedZED
  • Conduct a lightbulb audit to investigate whether existing CFL/halogen bulbs can be replaced with LED

Our overarching priorities 2019/20

Zero waste: Achieving 90% of waste diverted from landfill or incineration

Health and happiness: Plan quarterly all-staff fun events eg picnics, after-work drinks or games

Zero carbon energy:

  • Working with residents to lobby Peabody to source sustainable wood pellets
  • Implementing effective, low-carbon cooling in the summer