Technology Behind Entertainment

Entertainment literally means the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. Different types of entertainment, such as movies, plays, musicals, etc, provide people with enjoyment, fun, and something to watch. The technology behind these different types help to make the experience more vivid, whether it be trap doors in plays, blue or green screen in movies, or even upcoming holograms for home theaters. All of these things also make the viewing of these things more pleasurable.

The new technology is a hologram, like the ones seen in Star Wars. New developments like this could help consumers watch glasses-free, holographic video at home. There has recently been a high demand for holographic video entertainment. These holograms being developed are like the ones seen in Iron Man, bringing touch into the whole experience. A small prototype is being developed for release in 2018 that would resemble a small flat screen TV, but still have holographic capabilities. This new technology will help viewers/consumers get a more vivid experience than just looking up at a stage or a screen.

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