Tigers dunk on the Leopards Tigers take the win against the Liberty Eylau Leopards

Story and Photos by Peyton Sims, culture editor

Ten seconds remain on the board. It’s a tied game until Texas High drains in a final layup followed by a free throw shot. On Nov. 15, the Tigers and Leopards battled it out on the court with a final score of 46-43, the Tigers taking the win.

“I think our team had a great defense. We did great as a team and came together. I think we can improve our free throws and layups in the future games,” senior Kahliyah Anderson said. “My favorite part of the game was the ending when we came back and won.”

photos by p. sims

This was the varsity Lady Tigers’ third game as well as their first win of the season. Fans in the bleachers couldn’t stay seated as they brought the gym to life with their roaring cheers while watching the suspenseful game.

“We will definitely have to work on free throws, we missed a lot," head basketball coach Shonda Wilson said. "That’s something that we will have to continue to work on,”

“I’m so proud of my team because they didn’t give up. They could’ve shut down and quit but they didn’t. They kept on fighting until the very end."

-Shonda Wilson, head basketball coach

The Tigers were behind the Leopards during the first half of the game. It wasn’t until the third quarter they got ahead, cutting it close as the clock ticked leading to the remaining seconds.

“I think our defense was up and I loved to see everyone cheering. In the final quarter we wanted to get the people who were supposed to foul out to foul out to help us win the game,” junior Amari Morrison said. “I think we all played well and I’d want to tell my team members good job and to keep pushing.”

photos by p. sims