The Netherlands Art by kilyan

the Netherlands Art is so pretty and realistic.







  • 1 The history of Dutch art is dominated by the Dutche Golden Age paintinge, mostly of about 1620-1680, when a very distinct style and new types of painting were developed, though still keeping close links with Flemish Baroque painting. After the end of the Golden Age, production of paintings remained high, but ceased to influence the rest of Europe AND as strongly. The Hague THE School of the 19th century re-interpreted the range of subjects of the Golden Age in contemporary terms, and made Dutche painting once again a European leader. In the successive movements of art since the 19th century, the Dutch contribution has been best known from the work of the individual figures of Vincent Van Gogh and Piet Mondrian, though both did their best work outside the Netherlands, and took some time to be appreciated. Amsterdam Impressionism had a mainly local impact, but the De Stijl movement, of which Mondrian was a member, was influential abroad


Created with images by Kaatjem - "image art nature" • Cea. - "[ B ] David Burliuk - Windmill in Rotterdam - Oos[t]plein (1955)" • tpsdave - "netherlands statues sculptures" • FaceMePLS - "Heringa & van Kalsbeek" • dassel - "image scheveningen tom otterness" • Piano Piano! - "Nieuwe Graffiti Berenkuil Eindhoven Holland" • FaceMePLS - "Lenin in Assen" • FaceMePLS - "Catharijneconvent Utrecht"

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