Good Life Tour of the Harn BY Trey Banco

This wing of the museum was the most enjoyable part for me because it was so open and had so much space to walk around and really be on top of the art. The lighting was not too bright either it was low and allowed my eyes to not have to squint and enjoy the modern art in this wing. This was the wing that housed the most modern art in the museum. I liked all the paintings and sculptures in this area because they represent how modern our world is becoming. This made me feel interested in the current state of art in our world and excited to see what comes next.
This was one of the most interesting art works I saw during my tour at the barn. I was so simple and interesting that I could keep my eyes away from it. This was Jim Twadell's house painted on oil canvas. It shows the home of artist George Wesley Bellows an American from New York. It shows the hardworking middle class in our country and how important middle class America is. I just like how simple but detailed it was as well. The house had all kinds of detail about the home and how the people that lived there had to work. This artwork made me feel how important it is to keep our lives simple but never stop paying attention to detail.
This was a photo of Wall Street in New York city from 2001. It supports my core values because I want to become successful and wealthy one day. When I think of that I think of Wall Street. The simple photo that showed the pride and honor this street has in our country and in the world. It allows me to truly want to become successful and wealthy one day. The emotion it has for me is excitement and inspires me to work hard. It helps me believe in the American dream allows me to keep fighting for my beliefs and makes me feel like I can do anything I can if I put my mind to it.
The good life theme that is being introduced here is that everyone should be able to experience the good life. No one should not be able to have whatever they consider the good life to be and no minority should be shunned in country as well. This work expresses how we should only include white males, how wrong that message is because our diversity is what allows us to experience the good life and allows all humans have that ability. It communicates the good life theme by allowing all minorities to be included that we should never discriminate anyone and that everyone should get to live the good life. It adds to my understanding because it shows how important everyones voice and lives are.
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