Natalie Hamilton: The Joni Mitchell Experiment A tribute to the music of joni mitchell

WHAT IS THE JONI EXPERIMENT? A live performance project led by multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Natalie Hamilton, in which she explores and experiments with the compositions of the incomparable Joni Mitchell. She is joined on stage with special guest musicians, in group configurations from duo to full L.A. Express style ensemble.

For booking: info@nataliehamilton.com

"Natalie Hamilton is able to say more with humming than most singers can say with words. She possesses an innate ability to create a mood ... reminiscent of a young Barbra Streisand.” Sandy Cooperman, The Charlotte Sun.

MORE ABOUT NATALIE HAMILTON: Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer/Lyricist, Playwright.

A velvet voice that spans four octaves + melodic jazz/pop piano playing combine like alchemy to give you the musician, lyricist and composer that is Natalie Hamilton. She has been praised as "adventurous and sophisticated" (award winner Matt Beck, Musical Director to Rob Thomas) "marvelous, feminine and tough" (Rolling Stone Magazine Contributor Thom Yurek) - and "an undiscovered gem" (Bogey's Beat Music Blog).

Natalie Hamilton began performing professionally at the age of 18, while living in Boston, MA where she briefly studied at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory. She moved to NYC in 2001 where she worked at Michiko Rehearsal Studio in Times Square, soaking up the sounds of the world-class and award winning Jazz and Broadway musicians who used the rehearsal space. Between the years 2001 - 2011, Hamilton moved around and performed up and down the eastern U.S seaboard, but mostly stayed based out of NYC, where she performed at notable venues such as The Knitting Factory, The Jazz Gallery, The Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, and more.

By the age of 29, Hamilton had released 5 independent, self-produced albums of all original compositions. The albums were (in order of release/recording): 2001's Birth of The Woman recorded in Wellington, FL; 2005's The Wheeler Street Sessions recorded at American Melody Recording Studio in Guilford, CT; 2007's How To Fail A Fantasy, recorded at Paul Avgerino's Grammy Award Winning Studio Unicorn, in Redding, CT and by Jim White at Midtown Sound in NYC. 2008's Carbon Cocktail was recorded at the pristine Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT and finally, 2011's Red Ball Rising was recorded by The Allman Brothers long-time engineer Jim Hawkin's, at his studio in Athens, GA.

After 9/11 , Hamilton left NYC for a time. She moved to Florida, where she auditioned for and received a full music scholarship to Edison State College in Fort Myers, FL. There, she found herself under the tutelage of the now deceased Dr. Dennis Roy Hill. Under Dr. Hill's guidance, she developed a deeper understanding of jazz harmonics and theory and history. Dr. Hill hired her as school's student music librarian, where she was paid a small stipend to restore and catalogue an extensive collection of original Big Band and Orchestral Scores, some dating back to the early 1920's. Also at Edison, she had the privilege of being the pianist in Dr. Hill's 20 piece Jazz Orchestra.

She was the only female in the orchestra at the time.

Ultimately, Hamilton returned to NYC and attended New York University for a time, focusing on media studies. She then transferred to the City University of New York - Brooklyn College, on a grant and scholarship, she finished her Bachelors Degree in Business and Marketing, graduating in June 2011.

Outside of the world of music and theatre, Hamilton has also delved deeply into the worlds and books of Jungian Psychology, Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey concept, Christian Mysticism, Quantum Physics as well as the effects of trauma and abuse upon the human psyche and physiology. Both "The Magick Fountain" and "The Beheaded" are artistic expressions of her findings from those areas. She has also dabbled in Neuroscience studies and even took a stab at the stock market. Yes, there was a time when she almost became a full time stock broker. On most days, she is glad she did not.

In June 2018, Hamilton released Part One of a three part compilation album "Sides". The album contains songs from the years 2001-2011, including some previously unreleased demos. "Sides - Part Two + Part Three" will be released over the course of 2019-2020, completing her discography of that time period - over a decades worth of composition and recordings.

After a 7 year hiatus from releasing records, Hamilton released a new EP, "The Birds, They Taught Me" in April 2019. With one track co-produced by Matt Beck (notable for his work with Rob Thomas, Renee Fleming and Roseanne Cash, among others) the album features Grammy Award Winning bassist Richard Hammond (Joan Osborne, Hamilton The Musical, Desmond Child) among other wonderful musicians.

From 2013 to 2019, Hamilton has been writing the music, book and lyrics to two all original musicals "The Magick Fountain" and "The Beheaded" both currently in ongoing developmental stages. Perhaps, someday, they will see the light of 42nd St.

“Marvelous, feminine, and tough." ... I simply wonder where the hell she's been as a songwriter and why she hadn’t crossed my radar before?" - Thom Jurek - Staff Writer - ROLLING STONE -- SPIN -- AMERICAN SONGWRITER --
"I love Natalie's narrative lyrical style - like Joni Mitchell's 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns'" - Derek Sivers - Founder of CdBaby.com


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