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Welcome to THE Caribbean Compass - the most widely read boating publication in the Caribbean!

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Every month the Compass brings you THE MOST NEWS YOU CAN USE — more feature articles on cruising destinations, more news about regattas and events, more news about our Caribbean environment and more news about marine-related businesses. Plus we’ve got THE MOST FUN: poetry, fiction, history, book reviews, recipes and cartoons.

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And we’ve got THE MOST INTERACTION: letters make our always-lively Readers’ Forum a must-read. Caribbean Compass, a monthly source of information and enjoyment not to be missed. Readers say, “Compass is the best!” Welcome to the Caribbean!

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In this Issue:


After six round-the-islands races over three days, the Botin 52 FOX won the CSA Spinnaker Racing Class. • Photo Dean Barnes

by Carol Bareuther • Thirty-three boats representing all three US Virgin islands, additional Caribbean islands, the USA and Australia raced in four classes: CSA Spinnaker Racing, CSA Non-Spinnaker Racing, One-Design IC24 and Hobie Wave. Breezes were easterly at 15 to 20 knots throughout the day, and a couple of rolling squalls added a few curve balls to the competition...

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Olympics-bound sailors Lara Dallman-Weiss of Minnesota and Nikki Barnes of St. Thomas, USVI. • Photo: Uros Kekus Kleva / 470 Olympic Sailing

Allison Chenard reports: St. Thomas native Nikole “Nikki” Barnes recently won the US Trials with her teammate, Lara Dallman-Weiss, and the US Sailing Team is nominating Nikki and Lara to represent the United States at the Tokyo 2020 Games (still officially called 2020 games, just postponed a year, until July 23rd through August 8th, 2021) in the 470 Women’s Fleet...

Read more in Regatta News pp. 12/13


Horta is currently the only port of entry allowed for yachts coming from the Caribbean. • Photo: Wikimedia

It’s migration time, and many yachts heading to Europe from the Caribbean are planning to make a stop in the Azores. I’d like to offer an important update to my article “The Azores 2021: Lajes des Flores and Hurricane Lorenzo,” which apeared in last month’s Compass (see page 16 at www.caribbeancompass.com/online/april21compass_online.pdf. At the moment, with the Covid situation still uncertain, the port of Horta, on the island of Faial, is the only port of entry in the Azores allowed for yachts coming from the Caribbean and the eastern seaboard of the USA/Canada. Yachts should not stop at Flores or any other islands before undertaking the process at Horta that is outlined in the sidebar…

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The Guilty Pleasure of ‘Cockpit Books’

Book Review by Nicola Cornwell

In Harm’s Way: A Martin Billings Story, by Ed Teja. ©2021. Fiction. 280 pages, ISBN 9798719540948I find that books, like wine, art, music and posh restaurant food, can bring out the worst kind of weird snobbishness in people. The subjectiveness of personal taste overlaid with social mores and “judgy-ness” imposed by reviewers of all things cultural often leads to posing displays or furtive sneakiness when it comes to declaring what we are reading...

See review on page 27

Mid Atlantic Yacht Services Expands Team

The MAYS Crew, left to right: Luis Goulart, Duncan Sweet, Ruth Schlatter, Ilda Vieira, Sandy Sol, Marcel Sol and João Pedro Sequiera.

The 2021 crew onboard Mid Atlantic Yacht Services in Horta, Azores, is pleased to be joined by Sandy and Marcel Sol, recently arrived from mainland Portugal. They have a background in financial services, hospitality, and the KNRM Life Saving and Fire Services in the Netherlands. Their addition to the MAYS team brings a welcome upgrade to our ability to serve a broader range of transient and cruising clients visiting the magical Azores in the North Atlantic...

See Business Briefs pp. 8/9

Special thanks to the Superyacht Services Guide

Meet the Adventurous Sailors & Team behind Caribbean Compass! Congratulations to the team at Caribbean Compass, who have proudly celebrated their Silver Jubilee 25th Anniversary Year these last 12 months...

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St. Vincent’s Soufriere volcano erupts

The UWI Seismic Research Centre reports: On April 9th, at 8:41am, a cloud of ash began rising above the Soufriere volcano located at the northern end of the island of St. Vincent. This signalled that the volcano has moved to an explosive eruption phase following three months of effusive (oozing type) eruption, magma extrusion and, more recently, tremor and volcano-tectonic seismic activity. At 4:15am on April 12th an intense explosive eruption tens of thousands of feet high was followed by pyroclastic flows down the eastern and western sides of the volcano.

Small Photo: Soufriere is still venting. Photo: Thomas Christopher, MVO/UWI-SRC • Main Photo: Ash fall from the eruptions has been several feet deep in the vicinity of the volcano and significant in Barbados, where it is carried by the jet stream. • Photo: Canyon Duncan

See story on page 11

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Bequia, Lawler Hill - View from above Lower Bay

Bequia, Lawler Hill • Over 2 acres of mature grounds with fabulous views overlooking Port Elizabeth, Lower Bay, Friendship Bay and Mustique. Property includes a charming home plus a cottage hideaway. Could be sold separately or together. Price negotiable. Contact T. M. Zoffoli, Tel: (774) 563-0240 E-mail: austintiare860@gmail.com

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This Month in Pictures:

Large Photo: The welcoming entryway to the Palapa. • Photo: JoAnne and Bill Harris


by JoAnne and Bill Harris • On March 29th, 2021, we celebrated 13 years of cruising full time aboard our trimaran, Ultra. During those years and long before, we explored so many wonderful places by land, air and sea. Little did we know that a worldwide pandemic would bring our globe trekking to a screeching halt. In our case, the screech occurred on Roatan, in the Bay Islands of Honduras. During travels by cruising boat, there is always that burning question upon arrival in a new destination: “Where is the dinghy dock?” This is a super-important question...

See story on page 20

Small Photo: Cruisers and the Arches – proud of the new Arch Dinghy Dock & Cruisers’ Palapa. Photo: JoAnne and Bill Harris

Peters & May to Provide Transport for ARC 2021

Long-term ARC Rally supporter and World Cruising Club sponsor Peters & May has confirmed that it will once again be providing its expertise and specialist yacht transport solutions for participants of the 2021 ARC Rally. Peters & May’s regular yacht shipments from the US and Caribbean to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe provide ARC rally participants a wide range of options for onward transportation from St. Lucia at the end of the rally, whether it is back to Europe or onward to another destination.

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A Walking Tour in Martinique: Caravelle Peninsula

by Angelika Grüner • Because of the Corona situation the crew of Angelos decided to spend the whole sailing season in Martinique this year. As German citizens, here we have all the benefits of the EU; even our health insurance is valid. Plus, there are plenty of good anchorages and places to explore.

See story on page 19

50 WAYS - Photo Challenge: ‘How I Get Ashore!’

by Jim Hutchinson • Hutch reckons there are 50 ways to get ashore from your boat. Are there? Let’s accept the challenge!Send a photo of how YOU get ashore — inflatable with outboard, rowing dinghy, sailing dinghy, kayak, paddleboard, windsurfer, noodles, fins — or something else entirely? Set your phone or camera to the largest image setting, snap your getting-ashore vehicle of choice, and send the picture to sally@caribbeancompass.com. If we succeed in getting different 50 ways, your photos will appear in a full-page montage in a future issue of Compass. It might even be suitable for framing!

See story on page 22

Land Yachting: RVs Catch on with Cruisers

They don’t call ‘em land yachts for nothing...

by Suzanne Wentley • I can’t imagine it not being strange for someone to transition from full-time cruising to living in a room or an apartment or a house, anywhere. Reverse culture shock is real — but all good things must end, right? Not exactly. I — and many other former cruisers — have bypassed the stagnant life of mortgages and rental agreements even after we moved off our sailboats. No sticks and bricks for us. We live in motorhomes.Maybe it’s apples and oranges to compare the Ford v10 attached to my 23-foot Class C RV with the wind and occasional diesel engine in the old 32-foot Downeast sloop. But they don’t call ‘em land yachts for nothing...

See story on page 24

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Good News for Fully Vaxxed Cruisers

There’s a growing trend for the relaxation of quarantine requirements for arriving visitors that are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

• GRENADA: Effective May 1st, persons providing proof of full vaccination will only be required to quarantine for up to 48 hours, pending a negative result from a PCR test, administered on entry. Travelers will still be required to provide a negative PCR test result valid up to 72 hours prior to the start of travel. Persons who are not fully vaccinated or unable to provide proof of their vaccination, will be required to quarantine for up to seven days, with a PCR test being administered on day five.

• BARBADOS: Effective May 8th, vaccinated travelers entering Barbados will benefit from a reduced quarantine time if they can provide a vaccination certificate from AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Quarantine time for vaccinated travelers has been reduced to one or two days. Others must quarantine for five to seven days and take a second test five days after arrival.

• BVI: Effective May 15th, fully vaccinated visitors would require a PCR test within five days of travel, provide satisfactory evidence of being fully vaccinated, and will be subject to PCR test upon arrival. If the test administered on arrival returns a negative result, the fully vaccinated traveler will be immediately released from quarantine.

• ANGUILLA: Anguilla has lowered the required quarantine period for fully vaccinated visitors from 14 to seven days. According to www.travelweekly.com, beginning July 1st, all visitors entering Anguilla must be vaccinated. Fees and quarantine requirements will be removed, although a negative Covid-19 test done three to five days prior to arrival will still be required. By October, the island projects that all that will be required of visitors for entry is evidence of a completed Covid-19 vaccination.

• THE BAHAMAS: Effective May 1st, any person who has been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days can enter the Bahamas without Covid testing.

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Dugout Gommiers racing off Gros Ilet, St. Lucia, 2019 Photo: Anonymous

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