Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great was a magnificent leader and fighter. Born in 356 BCE and died in 323 BCE at the age of 32. He lived a short but accomplished life.

He was the son of King Phillip the 2nd. When Alexander was only 13 years old he tamed a horse that no one else was able to. This accomplishment is what started his glory.

He was mostĀ famous for never loosing a battle and destroying what the Spartans and Athens could not themselves-the Persian Empire

He was so great that even Napoleon was obsessed with him. Alexander was actually tutored by Aristotle which is why many believe that he was so great.

Following his death, Alexander's empire broke into three. These were called the Hellenistic Kingdoms.

As one can see, he became very famous and influential after he had died. There were cities that he had built along his journey that did not become popular until his death. He named them after himself and his horse.

Alexander the Great created the Greek language which made communication and commerce easier to accomplish.

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