Florida Museum of Natural History A Good life story

Shark Exhibit- Nature on Display

This exhibit initially caught my attention because of the dark blue colors that made it look like the whole exhibit was underwater. It was located a bit underneath everything else like down a little ramp so it was almost like it was luring me in. I really loved how they put all of the shark jaws on display so you could see how they all compare. The way that they displayed it really gave me an idea of just how big the sharks used to be and it gave me a whole new perspective.

Butterfly Rainforest- Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest puts visitors right in the middle of nature as they are able to be in the same environment and share it with the beautiful butterflies. Before going in, the museum people warn you to be careful not to harm any or the butterflies so when you first walk in, you are automatically very cautious and aware. Everything seems delicate and you walk in and it feels like you are walking into someone else's home. Being immersed in something like this where you are able to delicately appreciate a habitat made me feel more aware of how my ethical responsibility to preserve nature. The exhibit was so beautiful and no one could walk out without wanting to protect something so amazing.

Extinct Animals Exhibit- Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit of extinct animals was really cool because I was able to really compare just how large these animals were. There are many stories and textbook pictures of how big these animals were but nothing really compares to standing next to a skeleton of one. It made me appreciate just how amazing and diverse nature is and how much we have progressed.

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