IMperialism by Leslie Hernandez

Imperialism is the extension of an empire or nation over other foreign countries.Or having a grip over other colonies and dependencies.Its like dominating a country

one example of Imperialism is when the United States had a major disagreement with the Union of Soviet Socialist republics about capitalism and communism.Both the United States and the USSR sought out some support from other independent countries.

Imperialism mostly came from the ancient cultures of Western Asia.The Persian Empire for example took over the Assyrians

Imperialism moves from West Asia over to Ancient Greece were imperialism really took a toll.The eastern Mediterranean collided with western Asia.Alexander the great just wanted everyone to be peaceful to each other but that never happened.

Sailors were becoming very familiar with the pacific oceans and islands.Americans viewed this as an important deal.Americans had a very big influence on the islands.The US government started to talk to the Pacific Islanders negotiating some deals.In the end both Hawaii and Samoa joined the United States.

The US got Puerto Rico as "reward" for winning the Spanish American War.The foraker law stated that it established the territory as subject to all the United States Law.Yet Puerto Rico has yet to become a state.

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