Welcome To Las Vegas Nevada The Silver State

Las Vegas is a large city in Nevada. Most people know Las Vegas for its gambling, shopping, fine dinning, entertainment, and nightlife.

The state reptile is the desert tortoise. The state animal is a Desert Bighorn Sheep. The state flower is a Sagebrush. The state bird is a Mountain Bluebird. The state metal is silver. The state rock is Sandstone.

The Hoover Dam is the highest concrete arch dam in the United States. It was completed in 1935. The dams turbines make enough energy to serve 1.3 million people.

Andre Agassi is a tennis Champion who was born in Las Vegas and remains a resident.

Nevada recives the least amount of snow and rain each year. In the summer the average tempature is 69 degrees fahrenheit. In the winter the average of 31 degrees fahrenheit.

Nevada became the 36th state in the United States in 1848. The Civil War was going on then, for this reason Nevada called its self the "Battle Born".


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