Biodiversity and It's Importance By: Alexander Rousseau

Biodiversity is a what keeps the world together, it is what make earth earth. It provides us with all the amazing species of plants and animals on this planet. Also, it can be studied in many different ways from a pond or park to the whole world which means anyone can study it.

Some of the amazing animals we have on earth that are in trouble.

Humans depend on the earths biodiversity to survive. Our plants need pollinators to grow but pesticides are killing the pollinators. Also, a lot of our medical cures come from animal and plant biodiversity. Even though we need it biodiversity is in decline for many reasons that are caused by us. Some include poaching, over-exploration, and habitat loss.

Forest burning

When we change something it ends up being worse for us. For example, when the whaling industry spiked to try to increase jobs the lower amount of whales disrupted the food chain. The disrupted food chain caused many fish to die and eventually ended up causing hundreds of fishermen to lose there jobs and lives. In the end instead of making jobs, jobs were lost instead.

WWF and NWF logo

There are many ways you can help biodiversity! You can build a NWF certified wildlife habitat which provides animals with things they need like shelter and food. It is also a great community project for a park or something like that. Also, you can buy organic produce and others things made without chemicals. This helps reduce the amount of chemicals in the air and other poisonous things that kill animals and plants. In addition, you can donate to the NWF (National Wildlife Federation) and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to help support biodiversity. Finally, you can volunteer for nature parks and preserves, or participate in cleaning up beaches, parks, and natural spaces. This helps keep animals habitats clean and healthy.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

You can support all of the amazing animals and plants we have on earth by helping biodiversity. Or else they may not be here for the next generation to see, and who wants to live in a world without those amazing animals. What are you waiting for, help today!

Alexander Rousseau Cary Academy 2016-17 Biodiversity Ecopspot.


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