Lachlan Settle logically minded / creative at heart

My name is Lachlan settle, a university student and aspiring sports journalist who works with Stocks N Stones to provide professional garden maintenance across Brisbane. I’ve learnt from my time in the workforce that I’m an extravert that’s Conscientiousness, dependable, flexible and I take the initiative. I have volunteered & worked in a range of positions such as red hill special school, crew member at McDonalds and as an IT storeman. I’m is currently studying a Media & communication degree at QUT

Although I’m relatively new to the workforce over the last couple of years I’ve gained resilience and experience in various positions. My two years spent at McDonald's taught me a lot about people and how to effectively deal with customers and co-workers. McDonald's further taught me the value of taking initiative which I value highly and this is a skill that has carried through to all other jobs I have held. Lastly McDonald's and my sporting interests have taught me the value of being able to work in a team and being a clear communicator. My time as a IT store-man for Green box improved my IT skills significantly as well as teaching me two important skills. Firstly, the freedom to work at my own rate and secondly my first real experience with full time work. While these seem minor it is certainly helpful for me and gives me insight for the rest of my career.

From these two jobs alone I have developed a strong willingness to learn and What I lack in experience I make up for with creativity and energy. My previous customer service experience, clear communication and IT skills would help me into fit a wide range of positions. I’m keen to add more skills to complement my university studies and progress in the job market. Because of my creativity and comedic personality, I believe I can have a positive and unique impact in a journalist’s role to not only provide quality work but to entertain as well.

Previous employment

  • McDonalds crew member (13/01/2015 to 17/02/2017) – casual employee during school for just over 2 years
  • Greenbox ecycleinnovation (24/09/2017 to 23/12/2017)– IT storeman for 3 months
  • Stocks N’Stones gardening maintenance 2015 to current - casual mowing work for ~2 year

Employer contacts

  • MacDonald’s Albion: 3262 1582
  • Will Trevor – Greenbox QLD operations manager: 0438 057 986 / +61 449096045
  • Will Stock – Stocks N’ Stones gardening maintenance: 0418 593 872

Contact information

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0402 607 291
  • Facebook:


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