Ngawe MaE

The video opens up to a sunrise over the sunny Soweto. A music video about the day MaE found his love. All captured on red dragon camera

We open up to a tracking shot of MaE standing in his braam top floor apartment tracking into him overlooking the JHB view.

Between that we cut to a montage sequence of him getting dressed, while we see this beautiful girl walk out her house on her way to work.

Between that we have a montage sequence, showing the beautiful girl laugh at a neighbour who tries to charm her by promising her the world. On the other side MaE is at a cafe waiting for his order as we see him charming the different hot girls that walk by.

Where ever she walks, even in the taxi, people cant help but stare at her beauty.

She eventually arrives at the cafe where MaE is waiting for his order. MaE notices her walk in as she goes to the back and gets dressed for work. With out any hesitation, MaE walks up to her and starts speaking to her. They hit it off, and after MaE receives his order, he leaves her his number, and makes his way out hoping to see her again.

Chesa Nyama in Ghandi Square is the perfect location to set the cafe scene, as well as the bar scene that appears later. We will fully expose the brand on the video to be broadcasted on TV and uploaded on YouTube

MaE later sends her a text msg asking her to come to his rehearsal. She blushes in acceptance; when later telling her friend about MaE on their way to him

After the band rehearsal, MaE takes the 2 girls out to the cafe. They have drinks and laugh the night away. The Video ends with the same shot we opened with, excepet this time the skyline is night time, and we track backwards revealing MaE with the beautiful girl in his apartment.


We have 2 main performance set ups. The first one will be with MaE on his balcony with the JHB skyline behind him during the day; the second set up will be with him at band rehearsal; and finally another one with him and his girl, using macro shots only.
MaE on apartment balcony
MaE at band rehearsal
Macro shots raping to girl

..... the End

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