The Beam Revolution By Seamus mcglennon, Giovanni coraluppi, Aidan kirby, and Brian arruda

The First Bridge

The first bridge was a major success due to the many features that insured stability

The three layers of the bridge made the bridge extremely strong yet still allowed for bendablility

The X's running down the bridge helped the bridge stick together while still supporting the mainframe

The bridge was designed so the popsicle sticks would be used to their maximum capacity

Since the popsicle sticks were going vertically they were harder to break

First Bridge Video

Analysis of Bridge One


The bridge snapped in the middle because there was too much weight for the sticks. As you can see, most sticks broke, which means we used them to their maximum capacity.


Changes and Reinforcements

Our first bridge was a beam bridge, but we made our second bridge a arch bridge. Although, in the picture behind this, you can see that we have a horizontal beam between the arch that helps keep the arch from bending. This was key to our Reinforcements.

The red represents tension and green represents the compression.

In this design, we predicted the top arc to go into compression since it will be pushed together.

The ends of the arc are going to spread out, which is why we have the bottom platform.

This is made to keep the ends together a prevent the arc from arching.

Analysis Bridge Two

We decided that an arch would help keep the bridge up longer from sagging

The result was not nearly as good as the other bridge

Since there was the whole new complexity of the arch, the weight pushing down on the arch made it react such that it bounced up. This was due to the lack of precision when we built it, and it was a huge disappointment/

We held 91 Pounds

Second Bridge Video


What we learned from this bridge project was that we had to work together to get things done. After the first bridge we learned that it was a great strategy to put the sticks vertically, and after the second bridge we learned that for us to succeed we needed our bridge to be stable. We still don't know if the arc was a good idea since the bridge broke due to stability, even though we expect it to be stronger than just the beam.

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