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Donald Trump started his career working alongside his father, real estate developer Fred C. Trump, in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The Trump Organization, is of course one of the most recognizable real estate brands in the world, with holdings like Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and Trump Park Avenue, as well as hotels, golf courses and casinos.

Before Presidential Campaign

During his early wheeler-dealer days, Trump learned well how to combine his father's political connections, his advisers' wisdom, and his growing knowledge of real estate development. Trump made up his mind, delved totally into a project, acted like a salesman, and never doubted himself.

One of Trump's strengths was recognizing opportunity where others saw nothing. Trump looked past the bleak Commodore Hotel and realized that many wealthy people passed by it every day. Trump arranged financing and completely renovated the exterior of the Grand Central Terminal and the entire hotel. The Commodore, renamed the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

He began buying up properties in Atlantic City in 1980, a complex project that involved acquiring land, winning gambling licenses, and obtaining permits and financing. Trump acquired the Taj Mahal, which at the time of its opening in 1990 was the world's largest hotel-casino.

At his peak in the late 1980's Trump's estimated $1 billion empire was one of the world's most powerful real estate organizations, and Trump was well known worldwide as a rich entrepreneur who found, bought, and turned around losing properties.

Trump faced bankruptcy when he was unable to make massive loan payments of over $2 billion. He had regularly convinced financial institutions that his name raised the worth of his assets, so they could ignore their usual lending and collateral guidelines.

Trump's comeback is one of the most dramatic of all time, as well as one of the most visible. According to a well-known anecdote, one day when he was $1 billion in debt, he pointed out a homeless man and said, "See that bum? He has a billion dollars more than me."

Even though his empire was crumbling, Trump managed to bounce back with the help of revised bankruptcy laws that favored debtors. Maintaining his usual business decorum while talking with bankers and lawyers, he acted like a professional man who was still at the top of his game.

By the early 1990's Trump was reportedly worth $900 million, and by 1997 his worth was estimated to be almost $2 billion. In fact, Trump was making a comeback when he acquired the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street, a 72-story building located across from the New York Stock Exchange.

During His Presidential Campaign

There are plenty of theories about how Donald Trump pulled off his shock victory. But however he did manage to achieve one of the unlikeliest political upsets in history, one thing seems clear: social media won the day for him.

Trump on social media never felt like a back-patting exercise, because his followers were so committed to hearing and viciously repudiating the establishment position. The Trump campaign was organic, disorganized and frightening, and it could well represent the start of a land-grab on the internet which will cause more upsets across the world

Perhaps best known for his use of Twitter, Trump’s official Twitter feed is followed by over 11 million accounts and famously features controversial tweets written personally by the President

With attacks on everyone from Hollywood actresses to President Obama, Trump has never shied away from controversy on his social media accounts. However, this disnt prove to be a campaign killer.

The thing that keeps Donald Trump’s social media fresh is its consistency. Trump tweets at least 10 times every day. In an age where people are looking to consume content at alarming rates, Trump is playing directly into the hands of people who are active online.

After Presidential Campaign

Trump says he’s going to dial back his usage of networks like Twitter and Facebook when he becomes president. If Trump does dial back his barbed social media posts, he’d be more in line with outgoing president Barack Obama’s strategy.

According to Sean Spicer, who will soon become the Trump’s press secretary, no one has any idea what the incoming president is going to say until they see it on Twitter

Since Donald Trump has won his campaign, plenty of liberals have been voicing their opinions on everything that he has had to say over the past election


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