Yogi Berra Giovanni Varano

"I Ain't in a Slump. I'm Just not hitting" This chapter is about Mr. Berras outlook on failure and success. Some days you are doing badly but it doesnt mean your in a rut it means you just are doing badly and thats just how it is. There isnt anything you can change about that. The chapter discusses how attitude affects how you live. If you live an an angry life you are and angry person and its your fault. If you live a bad life its also your fault.this relates to me because some days when im skating im not giving my regular 100% and it shows as me not landing any new tricks or doing anything successfully. Sometimes my outlook changes my entire day if i wake up easily i have a good day if i have a bad morning i have a bad day easily.

"If you cant imitate him, Don't copy him." This is basically saying if you cant be like them dont try to be. I can relate to this easily because of skateboarding. When i see other people at the skate park trying to do the new trends in skateboarding just to seem like the hip guy i always shake me head because they are trying to look like the pros of different eras. Sometimes when i skate i try to look like a combination of rodney mullen and mike vallely. but when my friends see me skating like that they are always stoked on it but if i try and look like someone else besides myself they shake their heads.

"Are You dead yet?" This chapter is about Mr Berras outlook on death and his opinion of how its not good to dwell on it. He talks about how he never truly knows if he is going to be alive for anything in the future so he never says hes going to things. I can relate this quote because sometimes i have to check myself to see if im actually here and know if anything is actually real instead of reality being a vibration shaking on a flux in space time. and consciousness is a dream with time being a social construct. Sometimes you really have to check if you are counciously making decisions or if you are just floating down the mud river. And the thing about mud is its hard to swim in.

"ninety percent of the time the game is half mental." This is basically about yogi berra's opinion on how most actions we take are mostly a result of mental effort if we dont apply yourself to what we enjoy we never truly reach our goals. I can relate to this because it seems that most of the time the only thing that really decides whether im having fun or not is mostly my choice i can choose to have a good time or a bad time. All of our external actions are a result of mental comprehension. WE have to put forth effort and effort takes determination and sure strokes

Why be jelous over things you dont have? This is really relatable because im always used to seeing what other people have and it makes me feel much less fortunate than others people having beds, nice phones, cars, jobs, friends. Its really aggravating trying to explain why i don't have those things to other people because they will say why dont you just have your parents get it for you but then i have to proceed in telling them that my parents dont by me anything and that they dont assist me at all when it comes to becoming and experienced young adult. being a teenager sucks but being alive to live through hardship and struggle sucks more.

Little things are big this means that any tiny detail can have huge effects on your life like deciding weather or not to set your alarm or deciding to skip school for a day. when you live a hard life all you see are the big problems and you can only enjoy the small moments such as looking at the sky or being able to sleep an extra 30 minutes. Little things are the moments we all strive for because they are what distract us from our terrible terrible lives. This chapter is about yogi berras outlook on life and its significance and other stuffs.

If the world were perfect it wouldnt be this quote basically means that the earth is special because of all of its flaws it make all the tiny perfections seem much more significant. I can relate to this because even when things feel amazing they never truly are there is always a hidden truth that breaks the glass of dilusion and makes it harder to cope with actual existence thats what really really drags me down but i try to enjoy the flaws about myself because they are what separate me from everyone else they are what make up the identity of me.

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