The Village Of Hobart Caitlyn wacholz

Link to the village website:

2990 S. Pine Tree Rd. Hobart WI 54155

Five issues concerning the Village of Hobart:

  • The village needs to acquire a new skid loader
  • Fire departments are authorizing access to businesses personal lock boxes
  • The board plans policies for the upcoming 'Commissions Board'
  • The board reviews and has planned for the Annual Debt Management Policy Review
  • The board discussed the decisions they've made to fund and to keep the sewer systems cleaner

Sources to the five issues/concerns: first four issues & last issue

Link to The Village of Hobart Contact Page: Contact Page

Local Issue: Safety personnels authorize ordinances to access personal lock boxes to businesses due to the matter of safety. Chief Lancell has talked to business owners about this issue; businesses state that they need to be aware of who is accountable of the keys to the lock boxes. The safety personnels are concerned about the citizen's safety due to incidents where people have been locked inside buildings. Police Chief Bani explained a situation where two people were locked inside a business. One of the citizens was in need of medical attention, yet the officer wasn't able to assist this citizen due to how he couldn't unlock the door. If he would of had access to that lock box he would have been able to help the citizen. They plan to send out letters to businesses proposing the idea of allowing Fire and Police Departments accessibility to their personal lock boxes.

My opinion: I agree with how the board of trustees has handled this problem. If I was placed in a similar situations, I'd propose the same idea to business owners. It makes sense not only for the Fire Department to have these keys, but for the Police Department too. This will allow for people as individuals to be more protected; it will strengthen the Village of Hobart as a whole. This new policy for safety personnels being able to access public lock boxes may raise concerns for the community because of the accountability. However, in the end I believe this is a good way for people to stay safe even in skeptical moments.

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