Child Labor Ariana Baez

The hours that the children put in during the Victorian Era is unimaginable. A normal work day consists of the child working in in jobs such as agriculture, chimney sweeping or in worst cases girls worked in prostitution. Kids age was no excuse of why they couldn't so something. They always had to match up to the adult workers.
There are many cases why children so young started working. If one of your family members was admitted to the workhouse their whole family had to go as well. In this case the family gets split up and they rarely get to see each other. Many child abuse cases were brought up to light during this time.
Furthermore, many kids developed disabilities by picking up things double or triple their own weight. Because of the poor work conditions the children are in, there has been a decrease in their population. Even though they might be crippled the children still have to meet up their job standard to get money to give to their family.
Ultimately times have changed for the better. More kids are receiving an education and less are working. Child labor during the Victorian Era was dreadful but luckily things are way different.


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