Stick It To Cancer 2k20 The annual fundraiser from the Worthington Kilborune's Girl Field Hockey team.

Every year, the Worthington Kilbourne's Girls Field Hockey Teams participate in a cancer fundraising program called: "Stick It To Cancer." During this event, the WKHS Field Hockey Team sells merch and raises money from ticket sales, where these funds are allocated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the DrewStrong Team.

A photograph from the Stick It To Cancer game, this year, between the two schools Worthington Kilbourne and the Mount Notre Dame.

In regards to this year's event, we interviewed WKHS Girl's Field Hockey Junior Chairman for the Stick It 2 Cancer event, Camille Shiffer, about how this year's event took place, and the challenges faced with the ongoing global pandemic.

How much money was raised total, this year?

Camille Shiffer: We raised $7,188!

What did the Field Hockey team have to do different in raising money, compared to the previous years?

Camille Shiffer: What was different was usually we are always campaigning to “come to our game” which provides opportunities for them to contribute money at the game. But this year with limited spectators we had to be creative with advertising ways on “how to donate” rather than “come to our game.

A picture of Class of 21 and 22, a couple years ago, when they were supporting the DrewStrong movement.

Did COVID-19 have a big impact on this year, as in was it a big challenge?

Camille Shiffer: COVID was a challenge because back in august we weren’t even sure if we were gonna have a season which caused a bit of a rush and late start on fundraising. It was also a challenge because since we weren’t at school it was hard to ask merch but with the help of social media it still pulled through!

How did you guys overcome these challenges?

Camille Shiffer: We overcame these challenges with lots of team work and creative problem solving. We created a stick it to cancer Instagram account which helped get the word out about fundraisers, merch, and just how to donate!

Pictures of merch sold during the Stick It To Cancer event.


Created with an image by Angiola Harry - "Pink ribbon for an awareness of Breast Cancer Day, October, 1, 2020"