Bucket List by alisha brianne porter

The whole point about life is to make memories that we can all remember!

One thing I have on my bucket list is to write and inspiring book, I don't have an idea about what yet but I want to inspire others. I want others to read the book that I will hopefully write and just know they can do anything that they want to if they believe in themselves. The one most important thing that the world should know is that reading can inspire a lot of people to do more thing they want to do, it give people a imagination, reading puts a lot more emotion in the world and that's what I want to do. I want to write a book with so much detail that people can imagine what I seen , I want people to feel the emotions that went through my mind. I want to write a book and I want to keep inspiring others.
On my bucket list I have, Getting married, finding someone to just share moments with me is important because without memories your not really enjoying life. I mean how can you enjoy life without the ones you love or fell in love with. Just having that feeling that someone is always there when you are sick or having a bad day. To hold you tight when things go wrong and you get through it together. Getting married means so much more then people think. Some people think its all just a wast of time and money, but its much more then that. Its a new story in your life you begin with someone you love.
It makes me feel free, it brings me back to myself, makes me realize who I am and makes me the most happiest. I have been singing since I was three years old and I can tell you its a big part of my life! All through school I have been apart of the school choir trying to make my voice a lot stronger and trying to build up my confidence to sing by myself in front of a crowed. It has paid off because I cant hit notes I couldn't before and I sing in front of many people almost every weekend. I want to continue to work with my voice to improve even more because there id always room for improvement.
Going to Disney Land has been something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl, i had always dreamed of meeting Peter Pan because i secretly had a crush on him when i was little. I always thought that my Peter Pan would come rescue me, but what little girl doesn't have a certain prince that they always dream of. Am I right?
In grade 11 I had a chance of going to Italy with the school and I worked very hard to get the money to pay for everything myself. It was the most amazing thing i have ever done in my life. at first i was scared to go on a plane but i got over it. I'm glad I had the chance to go to Italy because I don't think i would ever try and even travel. Ever since i went to Italy I have wanted to travel a lot more and just observe the beautiful views and again to make more memories.
Getting tattoos sound scary but they are really not. They might be a big commitment but the thing is tattoos are a way of expressing yourself in a different way. I want more tattoos because I like looking at them and remembering why I got it and what it stood for .If you are going to get a tattoo it should have something it stands for and it should mean something to you. I want more tattoos because they make me feel happy and they also make me feel pretty.
Having a family is something that many people probably want and I want a family because being around kids is something I love to do and I feel like when I have a family of my own the meaning will be so much more. I have always looked up to my mom as a mom and I have always wondered what it would be like to watch your family grow and becoming something bigger.
Being called mommy. I don't know what it is but being a mom means so much to me because having a bond with your own child has to mean so much. I get that there are bad days but in the end your good days together is all that matters . Watching how much they grow up and watching for there first steps or hearing there first word, I mean to be that is all I want is to be a mother in the future.
Writing poetry is a big part of me. I didn't put it on my bucket list because i'm good at it but I put it on my bucket list because I want to get noticed i want people to read and enjoy my work. Witting Poetry is apart of me and it has been for a long time. I love writing and i want others to love it just as much.
Photography. I love taking photos and editing and doing cool things with effects and angles. I want to start a side business for photography because people say i have a good eye and always like the photos i have took of other people or even just a sunset on the beach at my trailer. Its fun to do and it is something I want to do for myself. I want to make something of myself so i think this is a good place to start.
By, Alisha Porter.


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