SPEAK Laurie Halse Anderson

She is trapped inside her own mind and can't share anything because she is scared. This is an amazing book that will keep you guessing what happens next. Melinda who is the main character has went through something extremely major. She started high school with no friends and with a whole new attitude that not many people can relate to. All because of one guy, one stupid drunken mistake and one terrible night. One thing no one she knew has ever went through and hopefully never will.

I try and paint them so they are nearly dead but not totally (Anderson 31).
I used to be like Heather. Have I really changed that much in two months? She is happy, driven, aerobically fit.... My goal is to go home and take a nap. (Anderson 24)
I wasted the last two weeks of August watching bad cartoons.I didn't go to the mall, the lake, or the pool,or answered the phone.I have entered high school with the wrong hair, the wrong clothes, the wrong attitude. And I don't have anyone to sit with (Anderson 4).

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