Mathamatical measurments Buglawton

10mm=1cm 100cm=1m 1000m=1km


You would use centimetres for measuring a handspan.

To measure a pencils width you would use milliemeters.

You would use meters to measure the length of a play ground.

To measure a country you would use kilometres.

10ml=1cl 100cl=1l 1000l=1kl


To measure the amount of a cup of water you would use centilitres.

You would measure a large bottle of pop using litres.

To measure a teaspoon of liquid you would use millilitres.

You would measure the sea in killolitres

Hear is a measuring jug👉

10mg=1cg 100cg=1g 1000g=1kg

You would weigh an apple in grams.

To weigh a person you would use kilograms.

You would weigh a pencil in centegrams.

To weigh a grain of rice you would use milligrams.

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