Family Matching Game By The Genealogy Kids

With a printer, laminator, and digital images of your family members’ faces, you can create your own FAMILY MATCHING GAME cards.

Print two copies of each family member that you want to include in your game. We included the kids in our family, mom & dad, each of our four grandparents, and all eight of our great-grandparents. Be sure to print all images the same size (we went with a 2 x 3 inch size). It’s nice to add names, too … this helps the kids learn the names of their grandparents and great-grandparents.

If you like, create an image to go on the back of each card, and print one for every card you’re making (same size). You could also use colored paper for the card backing, or print the faces on card stock thick enough that the faces won’t show through the card. Laminate and cut out your cards, then you’re ready to play!

Remember playing “Memory” as a kid? This game can work the same way. Shuffle and arrange your cards face down, then take turns looking for matches. (For the little kids, we pick out 5 or 6 family members to play with at a time … keep it simple. For the big kids, we use ALL the cards).

Little ones also enjoy picking matches out of the pile while they’re face up on the ground. Or you can challenge them to find themselves, then find mom, then find dad, etc.

A good challenge for the bigger kids is to build a family tree by memory with the cards. Kids go on the bottom row, mom and dad on the next row, grandparents above mom & dad, etc. — like a pedigree chart.

Since you have two copies of each person, you could even challenge two kids to build a family tree and make it a race!

Don’t forget to tell stories about the people whose faces you’re looking at. Have fun playing!