Tattoos on the Heart By Noell Hinsley

Introduction/Preface- The main theme of these chapters is to inform us about how Father G has impacted these people's life . It also describes how Homeboy industries is so helpful to these gang members. I liked this chapter because it really set me up for the rest of the story. I felt like I had an insight to who Gregory Boyle was and what he was doing for these people. This chapter also helped us understand how much their lives changed after finding Homeboy.
Chapter 1: God I Guess- The theme of this chapter is getting to know God and accepting him into your life. Everyone deserves to find God and this chapter really tells us how each person knew God was the answer to their problems. My favorite story from this chapter was the one about Rigo. He is the homie who is about to receive his first communion and breaks down crying when he tells Father GĀ about how his mom comes to see him every Sunday, and even takes seven buses. Father G then explains how God is so great for the fact that he always wants a relationship with us and how expansive his heart is. I think this relates to my life because we all need to know that he people who love us will do anything for us, even if in the past we have disapointed them.
Chapter 2: Dis-Grace- The theme of this chapter to me is knowing that you are not your past and you can always change. No matter what you do or what you have done God will always love you and you aren't a disgrace until you tell yourself that. My favorite story was about Lula because he did not do well in school because he was slower than most kids. When he showed Father G his report card, it was all F's. He was so happy though, beecause he had accomplished school, and that was enough for him. This relates to my life because we need to all appreciate the little things because that's all some people have.
Chapter 3: Comapssion: The theme of this chapter to me is getting the homies to care for other people and actually feel bad when they do bad things. Father G tried to explain to them that you have to have compassion for other people and "have a covenant between equals", as he said on page 77. We need to treat everyone a equal people. My favorite story was when Looney showed Father G his "straight A's). I thought this was very cute and heart touching because Father G was so happy that Looney was finally exite dab out learning.
Chapter 4: Water, Oil, Flame- The theme of this chapter to me is the fact that you should never give us and keep trying to get what is best for you. I think this because eventhough inmates can feel discouraged in jail they know it isn't the life they want to live. They know that their life needs to change and no matter how long it takes them, they never give up hope. My favorite story was when the homie told Father G that he came to Homeboy industries just to get a sense of love. This may be a small story but it really touched my heart that someone could want love so much.
Chapter 5: Slow Work- I think the theme of this chapter is trusting in the slow work of God. God always knows what's best and as long as you trust in him, he will come through for you. God may take a little more time to do things for some people but you have to trust that Gods plan for you will turn out right. My favorite story was the one about Grumpy. He did not want to get his tattoos removed but one day he told Father G that he wanted to. I think this happened because he knew it was the right thing to do to increase him chances on a better life. Even though it took a long time I believe it was God showing him "slow work".
Chapter 6: Jurisdiction- I think the theme of this chapter is knowing that we can always stop judging people and really get to know someone. People may surprise you and in the eyes of God, everyone is accepted equally. My favorite story was when Chepe and Richie went with Father G to give one of his talks. I don't know why but this just touched my heart showing how accepting Father G was and how much he changed these peoples' lives. I think the fact they wanted to go with him shows us how much he changed these homies for the better.
Chapter 7: Galdness- The theme of this chapter to me is knowing that everyone can find gladness and happiness in their life's. No matter what you are going through in life you can put a positive spin on it and even though the homies had extremely hard lives, they somehow would find a source of happiness. My favorite story was the one about Spider. He would not eat dinner, or any meal, until his family was done eating. Then he would eat whatever was left, sometimes Spider would get no food that night. I think this shows happiness because he loved his family so much and found happiness in being eith them, that he wanted to put their needs before his.
Chapter 8: Success- To me, the theme of this chapter is knowing that being faithful and committed to God you can be successful both physically and emotionally. I think that the homies learned that once they let God lead them, they found success in their lives. My favorite story was they one eith Shadys dream. think it's beautiful how she dreamt of a dove landing on her shoulder. I think this is Gods way of telling her she is going to be successful in life with God.
Chapter 9: Kinship- I think that the theme of this chapter is knowing that we all belong together. I think sometimes we get too caught up in our own lives and forget that we all came from that same place and are the children of one God. This isn't really a story but my favorite part in the book was when Father G talked about how some poeple think that some people's lives matter more that others. This is not true at all and we need to accept everyone. Everyone is equal no matter who you are or what you look like.


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