Gender and Marketing Promoting and Selling

In today's lesson, we are going to explore the existence of gender stereotypes in marketing and advertising - portraying men and women in a certain fashion.

As the goal of marketing is to sell products to groups of people in society, it targets a specific group of consumers possessing certain characteristics (called a target market). In influencing the consumer, however, it can impose certain standards and social beliefs that can be considered unethical.

Think, Pair, Share: How is gender negatively portrayed in advertising today?

See, Think, Wonder

What are these images depicting?

What do you think about this?

What questions to these images make you want to ask?

Advertising today

There has arguably been a conscious effort from companies to advertise in a manner that is inclusive and non-discriminatory for both genders. We will watch the video below as a class.

Task: Research an example of positive advertising for young women, and justify how this advertisement serves as a positive example for society. (aim for 1/2 page).


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