How To Save for a House While Renting By: Heather Ortiz

There are many ways that we can save our money while renting, in order for us to purchase our first home. If you live on your own, there are rental communities that you can look into that lump all of your bills in one. Find a rental community like, Village of Pineford in Middletown, PA who take care of the amenties with all renters.

Save your Income Tax/Raise

Instead of spending your Federal Income Tax or a raise you may get from your employer, save it. Saving this money will put a big chunk into your savings for your future home purchase.

Save While You Shop

Look for sales on all grocery items in the store. This will help you save money on things you need to survive.
Use coupons in grocery chains such as Giant Food Store and help save yourself money on already discounted items.
Find discounted grocery stores, such as Sharp Shopper to help you get more food for your dollar.

Is there anything else you can do?

Yes! Quit your vices. Give up smoking, drinking, excessive entertainment or only limit yourself a small budget so that you can continue a more healthy lifestyle but can do so in your new house!
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