Regeneration A workshop for First responders

Regeneration: renewal or restoration of body and spirit that has been lost or injured due to exposure to trauma

Regeneration is a two- hour, free of cost, workshop for First Responders and their family members. Join us on Thursday, April 4, 2019 form 6:00-8:00 pm for a unique evening of art-making, mindful practices, poetry, collage.

Why attend this workshop?

Many of the men and women who respond to violence become heroes and victims simultaneously. Some firefighters, EMTs, police and emergency medical personnel report that the scale, sadness and sometimes sheer gruesomeness of their experiences haunt them long past the time of the event.

First Responders are trained to focus on taking care of what's in front of them. Even though exposed to many horrific images, their focus remains on the tasks at hand. That single focus allows them to respond quickly and effectively. However, research shows that this single focus often contributes to emergency first responders not registering the impact of these images and thus suffering from an accumulation of stress and trauma. Many studies have found elevated rates of post-traumatic stress among these responders which can reach levels similar to that of combat veterans.

Though many try work through these painful memories, it is often on their own.

This workshop offers a safe place for first responders and their family members to gather together with acknowledgement of the impact of this exposure and to discover potential pathways to reconnect with creative and life affirming resiliencies.

What to Expect:

This workshop is designed with the cumulative aspects of exposure to violence in mind but does not require any self-disclosure. Practical skills for offsetting the physical and emotional toll of exposure to violence is offered through the gentle instruction of basic mindfulness practices.

Collage and writing activities provide opportunities for transforming reactions to violent events into mediated responses and to access the creative and resilient capacities that lie within each of us. These activities are formed around the questions:

  • what are our experiences?
  • how do we relate to those experiences and do they define us?
  • how do we define ourselves?
  • with a look inside, how do I imagine my best self and what does that best self look like?.

What to Expect (continued):

Light refreshments will be served

There will be opportunity for individual, paired and large group engagement though participation at each stage is voluntary.

Each participant will be asked to fill out an anonymous data sheet which identifies exposures to a range of acts of violence. This information is required by our funders and is confidential.

We aim to offer a safe, welcoming and playful environment that can hold both the sorrows and the joys of life.

Whom is this workshop for?

  • Police personnel
  • Firefighters
  • EMTS
  • Medics and Emergency Room Personnel
  • 911 Dispatchers
  • Crime Scene Investigators
  • Family members of all of the above

Who We Are:

The Transformative Action Project

The Transformative Action Project or TAP, a new initiative of Violence Transformed and the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University School of Law, is designed to serve neighborhood organizations, community groups and organizations impacted by crime and violence with a range of interventions that blend the ingredients of Mindful Practice, Creative Engagement and Legal Empowerment.


L/Merchie Frazier is an internationally renown and award winning artist. She has offered both art and educational workshops over the years to law enforcement personnel and other first responders. L'Merchie is the Director of Creative Engagement for TAP.

Barbara Hamm, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been working in the field of psychological trauma for 25 years. She was the founder of the Mindfit Resiliency Project offering mindfulness training to First Responders. Barbara is TAP's Director of Mindful Practices and Trauma-informed Interventions

Date: Thurs, April 4, 2019

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Where: 50 Church St, 4th Fl Cambridge, Ma 02138

RSVP/Register: staff@violencetransformed.org

For registration, please list

  • Your name
  • department and city in which you work
  • if you are bringing family members; how many & ages
  • telephone #
  • email address


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